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Saturday, September 18, 2010


1. Not including school districts
    in  the local government
    consolidation legislation
    which became law at his

    Consolidating school districts
    with local governments, enacting
    one property tax roll, with one
    annual tax due date, to support
    both schools and local governments
    making local government elected
    officials responsible/accountable
    for school operations/performance
    returning to K-8 neighborhood
    schools in urban places, are among
    the needed amendments to state
    education law that will provide
    property tax relief and improved

    What gubernatorial candidate(s)
    incumbent and wannabe state legislators
    will sponsor and promote the necessary
    legislation to so amend the state education

2. Placing a 2 or 4 percent cap
    on annual school property
    tax increases.

    Cap proposals are nothing more
    than guaranteed annual  school
    property tax increases.

    How about zero percent annual
    increases in school budgets for
    the next three years?

    Let the voters decide in each

3. Replacing the statewide elected
    NYS Comptroller, as sole trustee
    with a panel of  political appointees.

    Real bad idea!   An elected Comptroller
    who, as sole trustee of the state pension
    fund,   will guard against any raiding
    of that pension fund, to balance the state
    budget or for other state purposes, is
    what voters should vote for on November 2.

    Homeowner-property taxpayers
    state/municipal workers, and retirees
    should not tolerate being taken for granted
    or, whipped and beaten by aspiring political

     Blind, partyline voting, Nov 2, is akin to
     committing hara- kari,  for  homeowner-
     property taxpayers , state and municipal
     workers and retirees.

                                         Joe Sullivan

                                         Independent write in
                                         candidate for
                                         Representative in
                                         Congress, 21CD, NY


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