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Thursday, September 16, 2010


The new voting systems make write in
voting a viable option for voters in the
November 2 General Election.

The Times Union reports a significant
increase in write in voting in the September
14 party primaries:

Write in votes averaged about 8 percent
of the vote in a major primary contests.

View the results from Albany County and
note the percent of write in voting in each

Keep in mind that primary voter turnout
was low and independent voters not a factor
because they can not vote in party primaries.

Thus, November 2, write in voting can
determine the outcome of a close contest
or a contest where a large number of
independent (not enrolled in any party)
voters occur in a political unit.

Voters will have to educate themselves
regarding write in voting.

Don't look for too much help from the
state and county boards of election which
are controlled by Democrats and
Republicans working hand in glove to
control the electoral process for their
own self-interests, or from the media which
relies heavily for survival on the millions
of dollars spent by Democratic and
Republican Party organizations, their
candidates, and their special interest, allies
every election cycle.

With regard to Albany County the ballot
was constructed to preserve party line voting
instead of following the format suggested by
the voting system manufacturer, where
candidates are listed under a particular
public office and a single write in oval
and write in line appears at the bottom
of each contest.

Thus, much of the alleged voter write in
confusion resulted from the format of the
ballot, prepared by the county board ,not
matching the format recommended by
the voting system manufacturer, as posted
in the county elections board website.

Looking ahead to November 2 several
steps can be taken by the Albany County
Board of Elections to improve the chances
of fewer write in voting errors.

1. Scrap the partyline voting format and
use the individual contest format as per
the voting system manufacturers example.

2. Publish a sample ballot in the print
media and on line, rather than the usual
useless full page listing of candidates and
their home addresses arranged by party
line, which appears before every General
Election in local newspapers.

3. The local media should include the
names and websites of declared write in
candidates for specific public offices to
assist voters in casting informed votes on
November 2.

Local newspapers need this advertising
revenue, but should demand that the
county election boards furnish a sample
ballot instead of the useless list as above.

Beyond this, voters have to pay attention
determine who the candidates are in every
contest,  and view the candidate websites for
issue postions.

Too much is at stake in the federal and state
elections on November 2nd for voters to stay

Voters are not bound to play the hands
dealt by the party bosses and insiders
who have selected the candidates who
have qualified for the Noveber 2 ballot,
through control of the petitioning and
primary electoral process.

The new voting systems with the  easy
write in option provide the voters with
the Liberty to write in the names of
candidates who put the survival of
America, and all Americans, first and
foremost, before blind party loyalty
and candidates who present sound
positions on the issues vital to our
survival, as a nation, and as individuals.

Read my website, compare it to those of
Tonko and Danz, then decide for yourselves

                                  JOE SULLIVAN

                                  Independent Write-in
                                  candidate for
                                  Representative in Congress
                                  21st District New York


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