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Saturday, September 18, 2010


To read what some political operative
wrote for Ted Danz, read:

My recommendations, in my own words

1. End the raids on social security contributions
    by Congress and the President.

2. Pay back and restore the solvency of the
    social security trust fund.

    How? (1) Reallocate the billions of foreign aid
    (2) end congressional pork distributions to
     their home districts, which amount to a giant
     contribution/voting buying scheme to keep
     incumbents in office, (3) extend the so called
     "Bush tax cuts" which have benefitted all
     taxpayers, and which are needed to stimulate
     the economy and put people back to work in
     the private sector, (4) tax unemployment and
     social services benefits, including mediacid
     (5) no amnesty for the tens of millions of
      illegal aliens who have invaded our land
     (6) Repeal Obamacare which is bad medicine.
      (7) promote the safe exploitation of our oil
      natural gas and vast coal resources to gain
      energy independence. (8) Promote job
      development in domestic manufacturing,
      agricultural production/processing.
      rebuild and improve our rail and water
      transportation infrastructure and rebuild
      our American merchant fleet.

      All these will create more jobs, with more
      workers paying into and restoring the
      social security trust fund.

                                        Joe Sullivan

                                         Independent  write in
                                          candidate for
                                         Representative in
                                         Congress, 21CD NY

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