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Monday, September 6, 2010


I would be remiss if I did not honor my
ancestors and relations who were working
men in the labor movement in the USA.

Greatgrandfather Sean Harrington A Buaile
Butte, Montana miner's union.

Grandfather Michael J Sullivan  WFM union
organizer in the Cripple Creek, Colorado
gold mining district and Nevada gold camps.
Participated in many labor wars.

Member Bonanza Miner's Union No. 235
Western Federation of Miners, Rhyolite
Nevada at the time of his early death.

Father Joseph P Sullivan  Teamster's Union
New York City.

Granduncle Black Tim, and uncles Rob and
George Sullivan - Longshoremen's Union
West side, Manhattan.

Brother John Michael Sullivan Postal workers
union representative.

Father in Law Michael J Smith  of County Cavan
NYC Transport workers union and strong ally of
Kerryman,  Mike Quill.

                                                   Joe Sullivan

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