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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Sadly too many Americans have.

Look around Albany neighborhoods.
Where are the American flags?  Where
are the Bring Home the Troops, Now
lawn signs?

Never forget the 3,000, or more (all
the responders who inhaled the dust
and debris) who lost their lives, or
will have their lives shortened as a
result of the terror attack on the
NYC  twin towers.  Those who lost
their lives at the Pentagon. Those
brave souls who perished on the planes
that were used as weapons at NYC
Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

Never forget their loved ones who
survive them.

Never forget who the attackers
were, and who financed their acts.

The same al Qaida that  our hapless
President, former Secretary of State
Hillary, present Secretary of State
House Republican Leader Boehner
Senator McCain and others, who
have aided the al Qaida (rebels) in
Libya, Egypt and now Syria.

This bumbling gang that can't shoot 
straight wants to send missiles into 
Syria, igniting
a Mid East and, ultimately, world  war
that would likely spell death and
disaster for all the people and nations
of the Northern Hemisphere.

Russia's Vladmir  Putin  is the real 
statesman in this folly. He fully 
understands the consequences of a
U S missile strike on Syria.

Relieve our incompetent Community
Organizer in Chief now! Impeach him
for aiding our enemies, failing to secure
our borders, not enforcing our immigration
laws, destroying the finest health care
system in the world, by- passing Congress
issuing executive orders  as if he is a
dictator, rather than President, and
failing to uphold his oath of office to
keep America, and all Americans, safe
and failing uphold our Constitution.

Sadly, the inept crowd of would be
"leaders" that we have - haven't 
a clue.

The sooner that the American
people rise up and vote their kind
out of public office, at the federal
state and local levels, the safer we
will be.

                        Joe Sullivan

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