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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The homeland is becoming the front line
in the war of terror being waged against
us by the Jihadists who have legally and
illegally invaded America.

Their leaders have called for increased
terror attacks here.

The recent massacre at the shopping
mall in Kenya was a dry run for what
will occur here.  Jihadists holding
American citizenship were involved.

Consider Black Friday at the malls?

Huff Post reported today that the U S
State Department has renewed a global
terror alert for U S citizens.

Potential targets include sports events
shopping malls, restaurants, houses of
worship, schools and large gatherings
of Americans anywhere.

Albany Christians and Jews ought to
be on high alert because they are prime
targets of the radical Jihadists  as
evidenced by the burning of churches
and killings in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq
and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Congress should immediately secure
our Southern border. Bring the troops
home from Afghanistan to do the job.

The tens of millions of illegal aliens who
have sneaked over our borders or stayed
here after their student, and other, visas
have expired, should be identified and
tracked down. Security risks deported.

A job for NSA , Homeland Security
and local law enforcement.

The U S Senate should vote down
the U N Small Arms Treaty signed
by Secretary of State Kerry.

Former Secretary Hillary Clinton
destabilized the whole Middle East
during her tenure.

She wants to be President in 2016?

The Community Organizer in Chief
brings us to the brink of world war
by wanting to bomb Syria.

Now, Kerry wants to disarm
Americans in violation of their
Second Amendment Constitutional
right to bear arms for self protection
when the Jihadists are stepping up
their terror attacks on the American
home land.

What are Americans, who slobber
over these three stooges, thinking?

They, and their minions in federal
state and local government are
destroying America.

Party line Lemming voters are enabling
this to happen by towing the party line
every election.

The majority of eligible voters who
stay home every election are equally
to blame.

The main stream media are complicit
in this treachery.

Wise up, before your country, life
liberty and pursuit of happiness
disappear under a blanket of
tyranny  and stifling control of
every aspect our beings.

The "progressives" and Jihadists
are all about control. In the end
the Jihadists will prevail and
the progressives promptly dispatched.

This is no time for petty political
campaigns involving "conversations"
and vague political speak with no
substantive position statements on
the issues vital to our survival as
a Nation, a State, and a City; and
the survival of each and everyone
of us.

Government can't save us. We must
save ourselves, our loved ones; our
City , State and Nation.

This begins with the people regaining
control of government, at all levels,
in 2013, 2014  and 2016 - restoring
our Constitutional Republic, by
electing public office holders that
will uphold the Constitution and
truly represent the people.

                                 Joseph P Sullivan

                                 For Albany Mayor
                                 Conservative Row C
                                 November 5.

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