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Monday, September 2, 2013



President Obama wisely punted on his
foolhardy pledge to intervene militarily
in Syria.

Now, Congress has the ball, and the
opportunity to restore our Constitutional
Republic. Will Congress do so, or will
Congress once again cave into a
despotic President who is sworn to
fundamentally (radically) transform

In reality the American voters have
the ball. Voters have to bring all the
pressure they can muster on Members
of the House of Representatives and
Senators who must stand for re-election
in 2014.

Locally, Congressman Chris Gibson
took the lead in opposing a U S military
strike on Syria. Congressman Paul Tonko
deserves credit for declaring he opposes
a military strike on Syria.

U S Senators from NY, Schumer and
Gillibrand need to declare their opposition
to a U S miltary strike on Syria.

So, does the entire NY Congressional

Here is what the American people 
and Congress can do to restore our
Constitutional Republic:

1. Oppose a U S military strike on

2. Repeal/Defund Obamacare

3. End government spying on
    law abiding U S citizens

4. Congress must stop passing
    "comprehensive omnibus
     bills" that no one reads, nor

5. Secure our borders.

6. No amnesty for illegal aliens.
    No jobs , educational, social
    services benefits either. Require
    all illegals, including those who
    have violated the terms of their 
    visas, to immediately register
    with local law enforcement.
    Assist those who voluntarily
    wish to return to their countries
    of origin.

7. Congress must reign in executive
    agencies who have been delegated
    too much authority in loosely, poorly
    crafted legislation. More Congressional
    oversight of rules and regulations issued
    by government agencies.

8. A Constitutional amendment by
    by the states, using Article 5, reigning
    in courts, from the Supreme Court
    down to lower courts,  prohibtitng
    justices from legislating from the
    bench. Restricting their roles to
    ruling on the Constitutionality of
    laws enacted by the Congress, state]
    legislatures, local governments and
    voters in referenda.

9. Do not allow the President or any
    Governor to exceed their Constitutional
    discretion by means of executives
    orders, decrees and so forth.

10. The House of Representatives has
     the sole power of the purse. Use it!

The American people and Congress can
not fumble. Their futures, and the future of
America are at stake.

                                Joe Sullivan


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