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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Albany's A Team for 2014 and beyond -
Mayor Sullivan - Mayor Emeritus Jennings
Common Council President Marsolais.

All three have roots in the Albany Democratic
Party back to the O'Connell-Corning days.

Sullivan was appointed a Democratic Committee
Member in Ward 8 (then 9) by Dan O'Connell.
Sullivan worked for Governor Hugh Carey, was
a close confident of Assemblyman Richard
Conners and Charlie Ryan Sr. Sullivan served
as Chief of Staff to State Senator Howard Nolan.

Sullivan served as local campaign coordinator for
a number of  candidates including: Dick Conners
NYS Assembly second term, Charlie Ryan Sr for
Common Council President, Paul O Dwyer for
U S Senate, Ted Kennedy and Jerry Brown for
Erastus Corning and Polly Noonan were not
fans of Sullivan. But Governor Carey was, as
were Assembly Majority Leader Dan Walsh
Assemblyman Neil Kelliher, State Senator Joe
Bruno and many more.

Jerry Jennings was a young rebel Common
Council Member from Ward 11. He became
Mayor and served this city faithfully for 20

I spoke with Jerry in April and urged him to
run again, saying that if he didn't I would on
the Conservative ballot line Row C, Nov. 5.

Should I be elected Mayor, I will immediately
designate  Jerry Jennings as Mayor Emeritus
charged with the following tasks:

1. Liaison with the Governor and State
    Legislature - seeking state Pilots for
    the Harriman State Office Campus
    and other state occupied lands in the
    City of Albany; and seeking mandate
    relief for the City and city schools.

2. Liaison with the city schools -seeking
    consolidation of the city schools with
    city government, one property tax roll
    to finance both, return to a K-8 city
    neighborhood school system with the
    Mayor being responsible/accountable
    for operation/performance of the city

3. Liaison with the NY Congressional
    Delegation and NYS Education Dept.
    advocating more local control over
    city schools, in particular revising
    curricula to meet the needs of our
    urban youth, as well as expanded
    adult education.

4. Mayor Emeritus Jennings will
    continue to preside at most public
    events, including parades, Alive
    at Five concerts and continue his
    weekly radio show, Friday's on
    talk 1300.

4. Mayor Sullivan will rely on Mayor
    Emeritus Jennings as a trusted adviser
    and partner in governing the City of

I support John Marsolais for President
of the Common Council. John Marsolais
is superbly qualified to serve the
people of Albany in this capacity.

John is fully prepared to serve as
Common Council President, to be a
partner with the Mayor and Mayor
Emeritus in governing the city-
and to be a Mayor in waiting when
Sullivan leaves office.

John Marsolais  served in the office
of Mayor as an aide to three mayors
Corning- Whalen and Jennings.

John Marsolais was a city ward leader.

John served as City Clerk, and was
Clerk of the Common Council. He
knows the rules, records and procedures
of the Council. He is known and
respected by many incumbent Council

John Marsolais has the personality and
knowledge of Albany past and present
to be an outstanding President of the
Albany Common Council - and to one
day - assume the office/responsibilities
of Mayor of Albany.

City Council Members Lester Freeman
and Ron Bailey will serve as advisers
to Mayor Sullivan and coordinate city
efforts to revitalize Wards 1, 2, 3, 4
and 5. Their focus will be on reducing
crime and rebuilding housing, small
businesses and utility infrastructure
in those wards.

City Council Members Mike O'Brien
Frank Commisso Jr.,Jack Flynn, Joe
Igoe and Dan Herring
will serve as advisers to Mayor Sullivan
and coordinate city efforts to prevent
spread of blight uptown, keep the State
Office Campus as home to state
workers, resist any efforts to
privatize Capitol Hills golf course
and maintaining the residential
integrity and quality of life in the
Uptown wards including open space
protection, specifically improving
Buckingham Pond Park, completion
of the Dan O'Connell Memorial pocket
park (Whitehall at New Scotland) and
a 23 acre neighborhood greenbelt
surrounding Crescent Drive.

Mayor Sullivan?  He will work with
the APD and AFD on security/public
safety and emergency/disaster 

 Mayor Sullivan is a firm supporter 
of our Second Amendment rights
and will uphold the Constitution.

Mayor Sullivan will work on 
expanding availability/lowering cost
of energy, including natural gas
and hydro-power to benefit city
homeowners, businesses, schools
hospitals etc.

Mayor Sullivan supports drilling
for NY natural gas which will spur
the economic revival of Albany
the Erie canal corridor and Hudson
Valley. Natural gas will spur jobs
in energy, transportation, manufacturing
 agriculture, and tourism, lower energy
costs ,thereby creating an economic
boom for Upstate NY akin to the impact
of building the Erie canal in the early

Sullivan advocates a refinery at
the Port to refine Baakan oil
coming to the city via rail. This
will expand the city property tax
base, provide good paying jobs
and lower energy costs for local

Mayor Sullivan will also focus
on waterfront development 
tourism and revival of Hudson
River river boat service Albany
to NYC.

So, Albany voters -
Vote Conservative Row C Nov 5
Sullivan for Mayor - Marsolais for
President Common Council and
you get to keep Jennings as active
Mayor Emeritus.

CHANGE with continuity, stability
Liberty preserved. Future assured.

Remember the past. Live for the
present and look forward to the

                             Joe Sullivan

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