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Monday, September 9, 2013


About 10,000 of Albany's
36,000 enrolled Democrats
will vote in the primary.

About 10 percent of the City

If  those Democrats that sit
out the primary (26,000)
decide to go to the polls and
do a write in vote for
Joseph P Sullivan for Mayor
the outcome of the 
Democratic primary could
be a suprise.

In any case, those 26,000
Democrats, who are likely
to sit out the primary, can
join the 7,000 independents
(non enrolled voters) and
3,000 voters of the other
political parties, to decide
the next Mayor of Albany
in the November 5 General
Election. That's a possible
total of 36,000 voters.

So, contrary to local media
pundits, the Democratic
primary will not be the
definitive contest in the
Albany Mayor's race. 

The November 5 General
Election will be.

Joseph P Sullivan, for Mayor
John Marsolais, for President
of the Common Council and
a slate of 8 ward candidates
for Common Council, present
all Albany voters with a viable
 alternative to the
"progressive left wing
candidates"  presented to
Democratic primary voters.


The future of Albany, 
America, and the futures
of each and every resident
of the City of Albany, are
on the line in November.

The November 5 General
Election is when all City
voters will  elect  a Mayor
President of the Common
Council and 15 Members 
of the Council, thereby
making a major course
correction for the City of
Albany, which will benefit
all who call Albany home.

                Joe Sullivan

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