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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Education( learning) is the key to a
better life for all who call Albany
home. Improved city schools are
the key to the survival of the City
of Albany.

Learning is a never ending process
of acquiring the knowledge, skills
perspective, values and behaviors
which enable us to earn a living and
to be  happy, productive members 
of society. Good citizens.

To become educated one must value
learning, make the effort to learn and
apply what is learned to everyday life.

Learning begins in the womb. Our 
parents are our teachers during our
first five formative years. What we
learn, or do not learn, from them
lays the foundation for our futures.

Schools should be places to learn, not
day care or community centers or 
feeding stations. 

Learning should not end when one
graduates (or drops out) from formal

We continue to learn til the day we
die...and maybe thereafter.

Here are some of my past posts on
learning and the city schools, found
in the archives of this website:

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If you elect me, you get to keep
Jerry Jennings as an active Mayor
Emeritus who I will designate as
City liaison charged with reforming
city schools.


Read Scott Waldman's report on
Fri Oct 4, 2013 TU: pD1

Study: Don't make vanishing an option

                         Joe Sullivan
                         For Mayor of Albany
                         Conservative Row C
                         Tuesday, November 5

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