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Friday, September 13, 2013


Jordan Carleo-Evangelist, author of the
Albany Times Union Local Politics Blog
asked this question in a September 12

Have the Progressives finally taken control
of the City of Albany?

Not yet.

The Progressives gained control of the
Albany city schools/school board
several decades ago.

They used this base to groom candidates
for the city elections. Note how many
of the current candidates in the 2013
city election have roots in the city
school board farm team.

Kathy Sheehan's vote in the September
10 Democratic primary was the school
budget voters who dutifully vote "yes"
for every annual school budget increase.
(About 4,000), plus several thousand
single issue voters that are obsessed with
gender voting.

Darius and Sheehan's ward candidates
got essentially the same votes.

The September 10 Democratic primary
results for Sheehan  (8,000) reveals
the maximum Progressive vote that
can be expected November 5.

With the apparent emergence of
Theresa Portelli as Green party
candidate for Mayor, November 5.
A woman, progressive and former city
school board member -
the Progressive vote is split. 

Bad news for Kathy Sheehan
and her ward candidate allies.

Darius? What does he care? Since
there is no opponent on another
party line, November 5, Darius
is the Treasurer-elect.

Watch for his wife, Noel Kinsch
County Legislator, to challenge
Dan McCoy, next year. Expect
more women county legislator

The City in 2013. The County
in 2014. Women controlling
it all. The Progressive dream.

Control is the operative word
in this year's city election and
next years county/state and
House elections.

Who will Paul Tonko back?
Senator Gillibrand? Senator
Breslin? Assemblywoman Fahy?

 Keep in mind that 26,00 Democrats
did not vote in the primary. Mostly
Reagan-O'Connell Democrats and

In addition, 7,000 Independents
(not enrolled) and about another
3,000 enrolled in other parties
will have the opportunity to
help elect Albany's next Mayor
as well as 15 Members of the
Common Council.

The Reagan -O'Connell  and
Black Democrats, the 3,000
or so Democrats who did not
vote for Sheehan , in the primary
plus the Independents ( not enrolled)
enrolled Republicans and Conservatives
add up to about 39,000 voters.

These are the voters who will
decide who becomes Mayor
President of the Common Council
and who gets elected  to the Common
Council from the 15 city wards
on November 5th.

These voters do not want the
Progressives controlling the
Democratic and Republican parties
the Mayor's office and the Common 
Council, as well as every aspect of
our lives.

Liberty- not control is the choice
before Albany City voters, November 5.

                                  Joe Sullivan

1 comment:

John Marsolais said...

Joe, no question that this is the same group voters put in charge of the school and library boards. Residents, especially our seniors, can no longer afford these out of control school and library tax bills. Businesses relocate elsewhere. People leave the City because they are taxed to death, and half the kids aren't learning or graduating. The teachers are working hard, but end up frustrated. I wonder, will the City tax bill be the next to slip more out of control? Is a garbage tax next? Hopefully we can convince the good people of Albany that there is time to turn the ship into to a tailwind. VOTE, ROW C on November 5, 2013.