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Friday, August 28, 2009


Corey Ellis has assaulted Mayor Jerry Jennings
on blight and crime, laying blame for these with
the mayor.

The Mayor appears to be in denial about the
extent of blight and associated crime in Albany.

Nevetheless, the fact is blight is caused by blighters
and crime by perps or criminals.

If Corey blames the mayor for these, he must lay
blame with all incumbent members of the Albany
Common Council, as well.

Look at the deterioration of the Delaware Ave
Southern Blvd and New Scotland Ave corridors
Pine Hills, S Allen and Winnie Streets, West Hills
and other city neighborhoods.

Look at the blight, and crime that is encroaching
into Wards 14, 8, and 9 with the shift of section 8
housing and slumlords from the Park South Urban
Renewal project.

Who are the Members of the Common Council
in each of the above neighborhoods.

Why are they not speaking out? Taking aggressive

In Ward 14, Common Council Member, Joe Igoe
my opponent in the September 15th Democratic
Primary, is Chair of the Common Council Code
Enforcement Committee, as well as Member of
the Council Public Safety Committee. On his watch
blight and crime have increased in Ward 14, as well
as other City neighborhoods.

Local media has passed up a great photo op in
Ward 14, Incumbent Council Member, Joe Igoe
and Chair of the Common Council Code Enforce-
ment Committee, has one of his wilting lawn signs
next to a vehicle parked in a driveway. The tires
are nearly flat and the car has been sitting that
way for months. A code violation! That's real
effective code enforcement, Chairman Igoe?

Any interested media can easily find this violation.
There are only 3, maybe 4 ,Igoe lawn signs on
South Manning Blvd, between Western Ave and
New Scotland Ave.

Better get there before Igoe does!

How can the current Common Council Members
from Wards 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 14 run for
re-election, or for citywide office, having failed to
aggressively combat crime and blight in their own

Forget about it Corey and Carolyn, neither, based
on the conditions of their home wards, are
qualified to be Mayor or Common Council

As for the other Common Council incumbents
voters in those wards should see if those
incumbents have challengers, and elect the
challengers - if they have sound positions on
blight and crime, and advocate specific actions
to combat both.

Joe Sullivan

1 comment:

Bill said...

I agree with almost everything you say, but New Scotland Ave and Winnie Street are wonderful. Only lower New Scotland is bad (a small place) and Winnie St. is great except for one vacant apartment house that the "SILLY" Jennings folks haven't done much with. You are right about SECTION EIGHT; they should "ARREST", CONVICT and IMPRISON Jennings for allowing it in "OUR" Great City.

Delaware Ave. and Southern Blvd SUCK and it is Jenning's fault. Pine Hills could turn unless the eliminate SECTION EIGHT!!! South Allen St. is Great except for a few houses that SILLY JENNIGS better fix.

Ellis has shown that Jennings is an Idiot and I might vote for Ellis if Silly Jennings doesn't get with the program and realize everyone hates him. In fact, if he thinks the black people hate him, he ought to question the white people using a lie detector test; we hate him even more than the black people. Unfortunately they gave us no other choice for Mayor since Harold Joyce and I wish Harold Joyce had won.