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Monday, August 17, 2009


For what? Natural disasters. Terror attacks.

You fill in the blanks. Use your imaginations.

If you are a homeowner or apartment dweller
a school principal, a clergyman/woman, Rabbi
pharmacist, hospital, food store, gas station
doctor, nurse, police or fire department, city
government official or agency, public elected should reflect on this question.

Are you doing your part to prepare your
household, your church, synagogue, school
business, store, agency for whatever may
come our way?

Imagine, a hurricane or earthquake or being
without electricity, fuel oil, home heating oil
natural gas, water, food. Imagine the sewer
system destroyed. Imagine civil disorder and
ensuing chaos as police and fire personnel
the majority of whom do not live in the City
not reporting for duty...because they have
made a conscious decision that their own
personal safety and that of their loved ones
comes first.

Have you stocked up on food, water, propane
firewood, charcoal, necessary medications
first aid supplies, soaps and other necessities?
Flashlights, radios, batteries, candles?

Go to for details as to what you
should do.

Contact the Red Cross and ask them to
come to Ohav Shalom, St Sophia's, Holy
Wisdom and other local senior apartments
and help you prepare a viable emergency
disaster plan.

Go to:

Do you know First Aid? Do you have guns
and ammo to protect yourself, your loved
ones, your property?

Don't forget to provide for survival of
your trusted dogs, cats and other pets.

In short, do not look for government to save
us. We must act, now, to save ourselves and
prepare for whatever may come our way.

We are distracted by the condition of the
economy ands our government's preoccupation
with control, change, health care, clunkers
and the mid August heat wave. Political
campaigns and elections as usual. Irrelevancies
like ghost tickets.

Health care will not matter if we are not secure.

The cash for clunkers is the vehicular version
of the Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac housing binge
that nearly devestated our economy. Government
takeover of the auto industry is setting the stage
for the next economic crisis.

Buyers of new cars will be stuck with the
debt payments, even if the fuel is
unavailable at any price.

How could that happen? Think Iran and
war in the Middle East oil fields. Think
nuclear weapons in the hands of madmen.

We are desperately aware that summer is
coming to an end. Schools will be open
soon. Our school property taxes will soon
be due. Yet we, try to put these thoughts
out of our minds as we flee to Saratoga
or take in Alive at Five concerts, or do
anything to put such thoughts out of our
minds. Human nature, no?

Get our priorities straight! Public Safety
National Defense, Securing our Borders
Combating Terrorist threats, Emergency
Disaster Preparedness are the real

We have tens of millions of illegals who
have invaded our nation. Among them are
terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, gangbangers
and all sorts of individuals and groups that
aim to do us harm. The foreign born terrorists
are recruiting native born malcontents in
the prisions, among gangbangers and other
anti-social types in the neighborhoods of
urban America.

Can chaos, civil disorder and martial law
be far off? The suspension of personal
liberties? Freedom of speech and press?

Wake up people!

Survivor is not simply an entertaining tv
show. You are engaged in a real life
survivor game, whether or not you realize

Darwin was correct. Survival of the
fittest rules!

Joe Sullivan


Bill said...

Don't worry about natural disasters; we have an unnatural disaster in the form of section eight and every silly politician in Albany supports this. But section eight reduces property values; end section eight now!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill said...

If we want survival of the fittest, end section eight.