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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The 2010 elections are unlike any other in
our lifestime.

The survival of America, and all Americans
are on the line.

Put America First,  before blind political party

Cast informed votes for the candidates who
offer the most promise for restoring our
Constitutional Representative form of
government in Congress and in New York

The September 14 party primaries are the
first step. Polls are open Noon - 9 pm.

Primaries afford party members to decide
who shall have ballot lines in the November
2 General Election.

Vote, and learn how to use the new voting

The November 2 General Election is D Day
for taking back Congress and State Government.

I don't want your money. I ask for your votes
and will do my best to represent you in Congress.

Read my substantive blog. Compare what is
presented herein, with what Incumbent Tonko
and Ted Danz have written. ( I write my own posts
no ghost writers).

My campaign is your campaign.

Write in Joe Sullivan  for Representative in Congress
21st CD NY, November 2. Polls open 6 am - 6 pm.

Thank you.

                                              Joe Sullivan

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