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Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Let Syrians resolve their own
internal problems.

Obama, Biden, Hillary et al
have destabilized the entire
Middle East. Egypt, Libya
and now Syria

Does the Obama administration
wish to set the whole world afire?

Like the wild fires devastating our
American West, military intevention
in Syria could set the whole Northern
Hemisphere afire.

Russia and Iran are allies of Syria.

Contrary to popular belief, the USA
is no longer a superpower. We do not
have the capability of fighting wars on
several fronts. Our Navy is the smallest 
since before WW I.

Our stockpiles of missles will be
quickly exhausted.

Our remaining troops in Afghanistan
face the prospect of annihilation in
a major Mideast conflict - just as the
British lost an entire army in the
1840's in an Afghan winter.

Israel would face annihilation as well.

Nuclear warheads would soon come
into play, placing the whole Northern
Hemisphere at risk for a nuclear winter
that would last for decades.

No need to worry about climate change
or global warming - those that survive
such a holocaust would soon die of
civil disorder, anarchy, the cold and

We have a community organizer in
chief who is incompetent, who has
repeatedly violated his oath of office
to uphold the Constitution, who has
failed to keep America and Americans
safe, who has failed to secure our borders
and who aided and abetted our enemies.

Congress must Impeach him now-
remove him and his administration
from office - before they destroy America
and the world.

                                Joe Sullivan

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