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Friday, January 17, 2014


Hearty people dwelt  here and in
nearby mountain glens for centuries.

Before 1600, these mountains were
covered with oak forests, inhabited
by wild boars, wildcats, elk and more.

Glenbeg is in the Eyeries Parish
Cork, while Glanmore is in the
Tuosist Parish in Kerry.

The forests were cut down by the
English. The timber used in 
shipbuilding,to fuel the industrial
revolution and to deny rebels and 
raparees refuges.

Thousands left Tuosist, during and
after Famine times by means of the
Lansdowne Emigration scheme
which removed them from their
ancestral homes. Most wound up
in the Five Points of New York's
Bowery. Many fought and died for
Lincoln in the Civil War. Some 
joined the infamous Gangs of 
New York.
Others became policemen, dock
workers. Still others took control
of Tammany Hall.

They founded the Emigrant Savings

What is called poverty in America today
is a far cry from that of the Lansdowne

Beware, we may all suffer this fate if we
do not rise up,  and cast informed votes
to restore our Constitutional Republic.
Casting  out incompetent, self styled
"progressive politicians". Tyrants all!
Who are destroying our economy and
depriving us of  our Liberty.

There will be no Landsdowne scheme.
for us. No other place to go.

America is a lifeboat adrift in a raging
sea of world poverty.

Those politicians who are dividing
our Nation and destroying our economy-


Those politicians who espouse amnesty
for the 30 million or more illegal aliens
who have invaded our land -

will cause lifeboat America to be swamped.

There will be few survivors and their
lot will be as pitiful as that of the
Lansdowne emigrants.  

For us, there will be no place left to go.

Do your part to save America before
it is too late. Begin by becoming informed
and casting informed votes in the 2014
congressional and state elections.

                                   Joe Sullivan

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