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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Beara ancestors fought
in Irish regiments of
France, Spain, Austria
Germany, Poland, Russia
and other European
countries during the
1600's and 1700's.

There are remarkable
records kept regarding
Irish troops, which were
in high demand because
of their, height, strength
builds and daring in battle.


Our own Morty Oge O Sullivan
of Coulagh was among them:'sullivan+oge+austrian+army&source=bl&ots=rUtN2kEy9m&sig=Vd

Many Beara men went to
the American colonies, serving
in the French and Indian War
and Washington's Revolutionary
army. Many went to sea.

Sullivan's were numerous in
the Civil War. 15,000 fought
for the North, 5,000 for the

The Wild Geese never forgot
the lassies they left behind.
This song was sung around many
a campfire down through the

                        Joe Sullivan

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