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Thursday, January 23, 2014


The President, Congress and Courts
no longer function as 3 branches of
government, with specific powers
and checks and balances on those
powers, as set forth in the U S

We have a President who by passes
Congress, a divided Congress, with
a Senate which is a pawn of the
President, a House which fails to
exert it's Constitutional responsibilities
and Courts which legislate through
rulings which often override the intent
of the Constitution or set aside the
will of the people, of states as voted
upon in referenda.

Clearly, the President, Members of
Congress and the Judiciary have
failed to uphold the Constitution or
have failed to honor their oaths of
office, to do so.

What recourse do citizens have?
Elections. Vote out incumbents
who do not follow the Constitution.
Vote in true representatives, who
will. This is easier said than done.

Article 5 of the Constitution which
allows for the states to reign in the
President, Congress and Courts
was included in the Constitution
by Founders who foresaw that
one day, we might have a tyrannical
federal government, and that the
states would have a peaceful option
to restoring our Republic, rather
than resorting to armed rebellion.


The state convention process has
gotten underway:

Go to

This process will take time. We
have so little time.

Therefore, the best hope is that
the public becomes informed
and restores our Constitutional
Republic through the electoral

The Democratic and Republican 
voters must take back their parties
from the "progressives" who now
control both.

In New York, voters have an
established third party - the
Conservative Party , Row C
on the ballot, which is true 
to the Constitution and
Bill of Rights.

If the Conservative Party of
New York fields a full slate
of congressional and state
candidates in the 2014
elections- and - New York
voters- cast informed rather
than party line, ballots -VOTERS
can put the state, and Nation
back on a true Constitutional
course, which can be fully
achieved with the 2016 elections
for President, Congress and
state offices.

A tall order. The survival of
our Constitutional Republic 
and the survival of every
American are on the line. 

Attend the NYS Conservative
Party Convention in Albany
January 26 and 27.

                     Joe Sullivan

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