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Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Mayor Sheehan is correct to request 
that NYS pay an annual 11 million dollar 
PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) for
the Harriman State Office Campus, to
the City of Albany.

Keeping the campus as home to state
agencies/workers reduces traffic flows
on major city roads, including Western
Washington, New Scotland, Whitehall,
South Manning, Hackett and Delaware
thereby improving neighborhood resi-
dential integrity, qualty of life and
property values, which, in turn, improves
the city tax base.

Have NYS assume  costs of security
and clean up when large groups come 
to the Capitol and Empire State Plaza
for rallys, to lobby or for entertainment
events. This will be of immense benefit
to the city budget.

Build a refinery at the Port of Albany
to add to the city tax base, provide good
paying jobs, to lower costs of gasoline
and home heating oil.

Tap into the 765 Kv Quebec to NYC
hydropower line that is scheduled to
be built through Albany, providing
clean, safe, reliable less expensive
power that will benefit homes
businesses, hospitals, colleges and
universities and stimulate economic
development in the City of Albany.

Bulldoze those 800-1,000 vacant
properties, sell the land to developers
who will build new housing and
manufacturing plants to provide
jobs for residents who can walk
or bike to work.

Finally, NYS should approve
drilling for ny natural gas in the
Southern Tier, making more
natural gas available, at lower
costs.   Doing so, will stimulate
economic revival in agriculture
manufacturing and transportation
in the Erie Canal-Hudson Valley
corridor, that will be akin to
the result of building the Erie
Canal in the early 1800's.

The City of Albany can wean
itself off dependency on state
aid, by aggressively promoting
these initiatives, while preserving
independence and Liberty for
City residents.

Albany voters should vote for
congressional. state and local
office holders/candidates who
on the above.

                 Joe Sullivan

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