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Friday, January 24, 2014


The Governor proposes a 2 billion
dollar education bond act to be
voted upon at the November
election- when he is on the ballot
for re-election. Coincidence?

What happens if he is re-elected
but voters reject the bond act?

If he is not, and the bond act fails? 


NYS does not mandate Kindergarten.

Why Pre-K?  Are government schools
to become high priced day care centers 
after school hang outs and soup kitchens?

Schools are failing because of students
and parents who do not value education.

Throwing more and more money into
failing schools is futile without attitude
behavior and motivational changes on 
the part of those who do not value education.

Nor, are pre- K, longer school days/years
nor common core standards and teacher
evaluations, based on standardized test
scores, the answer.

New York already spends too much
per pupil on education with dismal

Albany City schools are exhibit A.

The big losers from all this are
property taxpayers who will only
see their school property taxes
rise because of these proposals.

Just say "No", in the 2014
primaries and General Election,
to Common Core, Pre-K,  the
2 billion dollar education bond act
and teacher evaluations based
on standardized test performance
of students - and -  "No" to those 
incumbents, and challengers, who
advocate, and vote for, any and
all of the above.

Get smart voters, who pay property

Merge the city schools with city
government, with one property
tax roll to finance both. 

Read, become informed and
consider numerous posts on
this website, related to learning
education and city schools:

                      Joe Sullivan

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