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Wednesday, January 29, 2014



It was too distressful to watch
or listen to.

The President, Congress, Courts
and bureaucrats are not honoring
their oaths of office to uphold the

The media shills for a President
who divides our nation, tramples
the Constitution and casts aside
the rule of law.

Those present, applaud like
trained seals.

The Founders feared that one
day, the federal government
would descend into tyranny.

That day is here.

Any thoughtful observer can
see that America's  days as a
Constitutional Republic are

Our monetary system and
economy teeter on the verge
of collapse. Irresponsible
government spending is not
sustainable. Government
interference, mandates and
regulations are smothering
our economy.

Nowhere in the enumerated
powers of the Constitution
does the federal government
have the authority to nationalize
health care, health insurance
and education.

The behavior of "progressives"
who have gained power in states
like New York, is nothing less
than tyrannical. Passage of
the so called Safe Act is clearly
unconstitutional. Don't expect
politically appointed judges to
so rule.

Failure of the federal government
to secure our borders and granting
tens of millions of illegal aliens
amnesty, will seal our fate as a

Political and economic collapse
civil disorder, chaos, anarchy
armed rebellion and civil war are
just over the horizon.

Do not allow this to happen!

Do your part to restore our
Constitutional Republic  by
casting informed votes and
insisting that the media stop
aiding and abetting those
political tyrants who are
destroying our Nation and
way of life.

Persons who understand
what is at stake, and who
will uphold the Constitution
need to present themselves
as candidates for election
at federal, state and local

The elections of 2014, 2015 and 
are crucial to America's survival
as well as  to the  Liberty and
survival of every American.

                      Joe Sullivan


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