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Tuesday, January 7, 2014



2014  A new plow- plows clean?

Mayor Sheehan and City DGS are making
headway with improved snow plowing/removal.

Observed the Mayor and City DGS at
work clearing away dirty,  heavy salt laden snow
sludge from curb  parking lanes , New Scotland
Ave, between Krum Kill and Buckingham Dr.

No need to do this in future snow storms
if the City DGS  begins to plow New Scotland
Ave,  in successive, tandem plow sweeps
outbound and inbound, as soon as snow begins
 to accumulate. Mayor Whalen did this very
well, using graders- which I am told the City
no longer owns?
 No problem, 2 or 3 truck plows, operating
 in tandem, at low speed. Ideally, 2 big truck
plows and a smaller  pick up truck plow -
can keep the Avenue clean, while not
allowing snow to accumulate in the curb
parking lanes, then having a speeding plow 
send a tsunami wave of heavy snow-salt
sludge over curb islands,  shoveled walks
and blocking shoveled driveways.

This will improve traffic/pedestrian safety
on New Scotland Avenue, a major commuter
route, while improving residential quality 
of life for the largely elderly homeowners
living along the Avenue.

                                         Joe Sullivan


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