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Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Some would say that screaming 
"you don't need 10 rounds to
kill a deer" is extreme.

Others would say failing to uphold
the Constitution and Bill of Rights
and one's oath of office, to do so -
is extreme.

More would say that elected officials
behaving as our rulers, rather than
our representatives, and trashing
the Constitution and Bill of Rights
is extreme behavior.

Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives
and Independents support  our Constitution
our Republic, are Pro life
Pro Second Amendment  and 
Pro traditional marriage.

Any public official who
treads on citizens who hold these
beliefs and who put America and
New York First before
allegiance to any political party 
does not merit reelection.

Such behavior is suicide by 
ballot box. Extremely stupid.

While, enrolled Democrats and
Republicans  struggle with
the so called "Progressives" 
who control their political
parties - there is one political
party in New York that
does not waiver with regard
to questions of Life, Liberty
the Constitution and Bill of Rights
and  traditional marriage - the
Conservative Party of New York.

I invite all citizens, who share
these beliefs , to participate
and support Conservative 
candidates for Congress, State
Senate and Assembly to represent
all the voters and stand up for
all who believe in God, Country
Life, Liberty and the Family.

The 2014 elections are the
remedy for putting America
and New York on a Constitutional
course, as the Founders intended.

                               Joe Sullivan

                               Conservative Party
                               Chair - City of Albany, NY


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