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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Cast informed ballots.

Toss out incumbents who
blindly follow the Obama
agenda to fundamentally
(radically) change America.

Vote for candidates who
put America before party.

Vote for candidates who
will restore our Constitutional
Republic and our Liberty.

Write in (print) Joe Sullivan
for NYS Senate District 44

Cities of Albany, Troy, Cohoes
Watervliet. Towns of Colonie
Bethlehem and New Scotland.

Be sure to fill in the oval when
you print Joe Sullivan in the
write in space for NYS Senate.

Read my posts on this website
for October, September and
the few in August and July of
this year. 

You can search my website
for posts on issues vital to
the survival of America and
all Americans.

Compare my posts with what
Neil Breslin has to say about
these issues and what his
positions are.

you know.

We can do this!

Thank you.

                                Joe Sullivan

Friday, October 24, 2014


Obama, Cuomo and DiBlasio
failed to use phones and pens
to ban flights and travelers
from West Africa.

Astorino is correct

Cat is out of the bag.

Expect the worst.

Contrary to Obama, Cuomo
and DiBlasio, the grim reaper
will overwhelm hospitals and
devastate New York and USA
unless flight/travel bans and
quarantines are immediately
ordered /implemented.

Use those phones and pens!

Talk is cheap. Do not be
lulled into a false sense of
security by Larry, Curly
and Moe.

                    Joe Sullivan

Report on forum #2   held in Clifton 

Next and final forum to be held in
Albany at Myers Middle School
Oct 28   7-8:30 pm

A message/video from Jim Fischer:

                          Joe Sullivan

Thursday, October 23, 2014


A message from Jim Fischer. Watch video:

                 Joe Sullivan

Trying to avoid becoming
Detroit on the Hudson..

1. Turning over City finances
to the Governor's fiscal review
panel hoping for a few dollars
handout with strings attached.
Losing control of city finances.

2. Missing out on a casino, tourism
economic benefits, and jobs for
resident hustlers and sweet talkers. 

3. Failing to take advantage of
Albany becoming a major port
for transshipment of Dakota oil.

Building a refinery at the Port
would improve the City property
tax base, add good paying local
jobs and benefit the entire Capital
District by providing lower cost
gas and heating oil.

4. Pushing the red traffic light camera
boondoggle instead of declaring that
the City of Albany will strictly enforce
all vehicle and traffic laws. Directing
the APD to do it.

5. Proposing to retire Ladder 1  when
Albany, and the Port oil trains are a
prime terror target.

6. Failing to stand up to the Governor
and State Legislature to demand that
the State come up with the $11.5 million
annual PILOTS (payment in lieu of
taxes) for the Harriman State Office
Campus.  Sending a clear message:
"No PILOTS- no votes for reelection
November 4."

7. The Huck Finn Disney Land on
the Hudson financed with IDA
taxpayer money.

8. Failing to make sure that Albany
residents have access to cheaper
electric rates by insisting that
Albany tap into the 765 KV hydro-
power line that will be built from
Quebec to NYC through Albany.

9. Continuing to aid and abett
illegal immigration through a
declared sanctuary policy.

Illegal aliens are law breakers
who are adding to the burden
of city property taxpayers,
city schools, hospitals, law
enforcement, fire/EMT services
and more.

There is more. But, all of the above
are enough to consign the City
of Albany to becoming Detroit
on the Hudson.

                          Joe Sullivan


After viewing the one and only
televised debate ( WMHT)between 
Governor Cuomo and Rob
Astorino, it is easy to conclude
why Governor Cuomo has avoided
any additional debates statewide
and why he wanted to have minor
party candidates present rather
than do a one on one with Astorino.

This is America. English is our
language, Rob. No espanol. Si?

Does anyone have a translation
of what Astorino said in Spanish
at end of his closing statement?

If Spanish speakers were viewing
the debate, is it not plausible that
they can understand English? 
If so, why pander?

America. One language. One

We are all proud of our roots.
Whatever our origins, we are
Americans now.

Aren't we?

United we stand, divided we fall.

As a property taxpayer in the
Capitol City of Albany, I am
waiting to see which gubernatorial
candidate will pledge, before
November 4,  to deliver
the 11.5 million annual PILOTS
(payment in lieu of taxes) from
the State for Harriman State
Office Campus. 

Albany could be the swing vote
in a tight election, contrary to the
polls which are directed by
Democratic hacks and parroted
by the media without analysis.

The Capitol City of Albany
is on the verge of becoming
Detroit on the Hudson.

If local Democratic officeholders
won't press the issue, the voters
of Albany will on November 4. 

The party of Dan O Connell is
no more. We are on on own!

                          Joe Sullivan


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Read what former Army Lt Colonel
Allen West has to say:


                                 Joe Sullivan

             Joe Sullivan


Safety or stupid?  Ebola infection
can be spread before infected persons
are symptomatic.

An Ebola epidemic, with a 70+ mortality
rate would destroy America.

Now, that would be fundamental
transformation on an epic scale.

Stop an epidemic here before it starts!

The five airport entry hub plan is plain


The alleged poll respondents who
favor the 5 hub airport plan and sending
U S military to Ebola epidemic nations
are stupid beyond belief. They are the
reason we have leaders who are incapable
of leading. 

Our Republic's survival depends on
wise, honorable office holders/leaders
elected by an informed electorate.

Clear the decks in the November
4 election!

No entry to the USA by land, sea
or air from the West African Ebola

Secure, seal the US Southern border.

Anybody out there 'got a phone and
a pen"?  Here is an Executive Order
which should be issued without delay.

Is Congress going to stand by and
do nothing?  The NY Governor and
State Legislature?

Have they all forgotten their priority
function is to keep America and all
Americans safe?

Will airline and ship operators step
up and refuse to carry passengers
originating from the Ebola stricken

Lemmings all as they madly dash
for the cliffs of oblivion.

                           Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Joe Sullivan For NYS Senate
District 44, November 4 ?

Senate District 44 includes 
Cities of Albany, Troy, Cohoes
Watervliet. Towns of Colonie
Bethlehem, Green Island.


Take some time to read this:

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NOVEMBER 4, 2014


Prop One: a politically
appointed redistricting
body is NOT independent.

Prop Two: Electronic
production of legislative
bills is subject to abuse
by hackers, computer
crashes, malware, etc.

Legislators do not read
bills, whether they be
produced in hard copy
or electronically.

There are simply too
many bills introduced.

Strictly limit the number
of bills that can be introduced
by a legislator, and require
that a bill have both Assembly
and Senate sponsorship before
it can be printed.

Prop Three:  Waste of millions to
buy computers , I pads and related
devices that will be obsolete many 
years before the date the bond act 
be paid for.

Here in Albany deal with the
50 percent school drop out rate
and concentrate on graduating
students that can read, write
speak and think.

                          Joe Sullivan

No comments:

NOVEMBER 4, 2014


Prop One: a politically
appointed redistricting
body is NOT independent.

Prop Two: Electronic
production of legislative
bills is subject to abuse
by hackers, computer
crashes, malware, etc.

Legislators do not read
bills, whether they be
produced in hard copy
or electronically.

There are simply too
many bills introduced.

Strictly limit the number
of bills that can be introduced
by a legislator, and require
that a bill have both Assembly
and Senate sponsorship before
it can be printed.

Prop Three:  Waste of millions to
buy computers , I pads and related
devices that will be obsolete many 
years before the date the bond act 
be paid for.

Here in Albany deal with the
50 percent school drop out rate
and concentrate on graduating
students that can read, write
speak and think.

                          Joe Sullivan
My Photo
Location: Albany, New York, United States
CONSERVATIVE ROW C FOR MAYOR CITY OF ALBANY NY November 5, 2013 Election U S Navy Veteran BS Geography, U Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) MA Geography, U Minnesota (National Fellowship) 28 years as founder and president, Buckingham Pond/ Crestwood Neighborhood Assoc. maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and quality of life. Leadership resulted in creation of Buckingham Pond Park in 1993-94, as well as many other open spaces. See for list of leadership results. Neighborhood website: see also:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The Albany Common Council
approved placing red light traffic
cameras at 20 intersections in
the city.

What about the rampant speeding
running red lights and stop signs
passing on the right in curb parking
lanes and numerous other traffic law
violations occurring everywhere
else in the city, every hour of every

What about collecting the alleged
millions of uncollected parking fine
dollars that allegedly went uncollected
during the Mayor's tenure as City
Treasurer - last year?

The answer to all the traffic law
mania in the city includes:

* driver's exercising self control
 and practicing defensive driving

* the Mayor (or Common Council
Council issuing a proclamation or
resolution that all vehicle and traffic
laws will be strictly enforced in the
City of Albany, then directing the
Albany Police to enforce it.

Rescind Common Council approval
of the red light camera boondoggle!

                               Joe Sullivan


Friday, October 17, 2014


The 44th State Senate District
includes the Cities of Albany
Troy, Watervliet, Cohoes and
Towns of Colonie, Bethlehem
and Green Island.

The incumbent State Senator
Neil Breslin is unopposed.

This is entirely unacceptable
especially since control of the
State Senate hangs in the

That control may hinge on
one vote.

I ask residents of the 44th
State Senate District to read
October, September and 
earlier posts,

Compare my positions with
those of Neil Breslin.

I hope you will conclude
that you will  write in (print)
Joe Sullivan for NYS Senate
44 District - write in space
on your ballot.

Be sure to fill in the oval
and stay within the write in
space, so that your vote(s)
will be counted.

Your write in votes will
send a clear message to
the Governor and State
Legislature that you agree
with one, some or all of
the positions I have taken
regarding issues essential
to the survival of our State
Nation, to the survival of
each of us and our loved ones.

You might even wind up
electing a State Senator 
whose vote determines
control of the State Senate.

Consider what this would
mean for the 44th State
Senate District, the Capital
District and the entire State.

Vote by absentee ballot if
you can't make it to the

Contact the Albany  or
Rensselaer County Boards
of Elections( depending
on which county you reside
in) to obtain an absentee
ballot application.

The absentee ballot will
be mailed to you. Cast
your votes and mail your
ballot back to the proper
Board of Elections, making
sure it is postmarked before
November 3.

you know.

Thank you.

                   Joe Sullivan


This is America, why does 
President Obama keep
appointing Czars?

Especially one who oversaw
the stimulus?


                                  Joe Sullivan

Public safety and security is
a priority in the City of Albany
in light of terrorism threats and
the likelihood that the Port of
Albany and oil trains are prime

Balance Albany city budget and
provide real property tax relief 
to Albany homeowners/small
businesses by demanding that
the Governor and State Legislature
agree to making the annual
$11.5 million annual PILOTS
(payments in lieu of taxes) to
the City of Albany for the
Harriman State Office Campus
before the November 4 election.

The Mayor and Common Council
must stop going to the state hat in
hand begging for crumbs.

CSEA, PEF and state workers
need to support this demand as
well as voter residents of the City
and County of Albany. County
Executive and County Legislators.

No PILOT agreement by November
4 - no votes!  

For incumbents seeking reelection
to Congress, Governor, and State 
Legislature November 4, 2014!

                             Joe Sullivan


An air, sea and land travel ban 
to and from the 3 West African
countries where the Ebola epidemic
is raging  is required.

Ban all travel, directly or indirectly
originating from these countries to
airports , ports, and via trains, autos 
and trucks in New York State.

This includes student, and other
visas, as well as civilian travel.

Halt any food, or other imports
from the 3 West African countries.

The objective: stop Ebola before it
gets to New York.

Once here, Ebola will rapidly spin out
of control, overwhelming  the ability
of any state response. 

                                  Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Governor Cuomo announces
creation of an Aids Task Force
to reduce aids in NY by 2020.

Focus on preventing Ebola
in NY, now!,  Governor, so
that New Yorkers may live to
see 2015 and beyond.

                       Joe Sullivan

Secure our border. Enforce
existing immigration laws.

End all immigration from
countries that try to extort
us, violate our national
sovereignty and sponsor
jihad against us.

No American tourism or
trade with the offenders.

Embargo all funds sent to
offending nations by illegal
aliens who have unlawfully
invaded our country.

Mine the borderlands.

Deploy our military to
secure/defend our border.


                                 Joe Sullivan

Friday, October 10, 2014


One hour:

                              Joe Sullivan

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Fred Dicker offers candidates 
for public office time on Fred's
Live from the State Capitol
radio program.

Doug Lee was a guest on
Fred's show, October 8.

One of the more impressive
candidates Fred has interviewed.

Go to and
listen to the podcast of that

Doug is a legal immigrant
from China, and now an
American, who is dedicated
to saving our Republic and
our Liberty.

His website:


Thank you Mr. Lee.

                        Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Read analysis of Marine General
John Kelly , Cmdr, Southern Command
regarding the threat Ebola poses
for Americans. 

The President and Congress have
failed to secure our Southern border
putting America, and all Americans
in peril.

The Community Organizer in Chief
is playing politics with our lives and
the future of America.

He has broken and disregarded our
immigration laws,  condoning illegal
immigration  and bringing tens of
thousands of illegals here and distributing
them around the country, along with
the diseases they carry. We are seeing 
a resurgence of polio, drug resistant
TB and a variety of exotic diseases
and illnesses, as a direct result.

He has erred in sending our military
to Ebola locations in West Africa.
thereby exposing them and their
relations to  Ebola.

He has failed to suspend commercial
air travel from those places, and bar
arrivals of any individuals from those
lands to the U S via air, sea or land.

Congress must act immediately
to remove this incompetent from
command - without delay!

Here in New York, the voters
have the opportunity  November 4
-maybe their last-
to remove Members of Congress
a Governor and State Legislators
who support/advocate  sanctuary
policies for the more than 3 million
illegal aliens who have invaded
or state, cities and local communities.

The City of Albany Common Council
must rescind it's 2007 Resolution
making sanctuary status for illegals

The Mayor should concur.

The County Legislature should
deny sanctuary to illegals as a
matter of public policy.

The County Executive should 

The illegal alien invasion puts
all New Yorkers at risk and is
a matter of public safety and
security, that must not be ignored.

                              Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Idea of smaller learning communities
is a sound educational goal.

Maybe we do not need a renovated central
High School Campus.

Divide high school students into specialized
career path communities based on interests
abilities and objectives of students who have
mastered language, literacy skills, as well
as mechanical aptitudes and genuine desire
to learn.

Locate these smaller learning centers at
various locations in the city, utilizing
suitable existing spaces that require a
minimum of outfitting. Partner with
employers and organizations that will
offer such spaces and mentoring.

The 50 percent drop out rate is not
addressed by the school board in this

What is to be done regarding these
individuals who do not value learning
and who make little or no effort to
learn or behave in a manner conducive
to learning by students who do want
to learn?

With the Mayor calling for reassessment
and increasing city property taxes for
homeowners, this is no time for the
school board to present a 200 million
dollar renovation plan for the city
high school.

An increase in city property taxes
will follow with a similar increase
in school property taxes.

Enough already!

What about merging the city schools
with city government, providing one
tax roll to finance both?

With the Mayor and Common Council
responsible/accountable for both?

What about returning to a K-8
neighborhood city school system?

Education is a local matter . Feds
and Common Core be gone!

Read prior posts this website.
Search  education/city schools.

                           Joe Sullivan


Sunday, October 5, 2014


Here is a speech given by Rob Astorino, Oct 1
in which he identifies issues of concern and
presents the actions he would take, as Governor
regarding those issues:]

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a record  that contains
bad and good.

The bad includes:

1. Trashing our Second Amendment Rights  through
clandestine  passage of the "Safe Act".
He had support of Democrats and Republican State
Senate leadership in this tyranny.

The Constitutional violation has made all New
Yorkers less safe, particularly in light of terrorist
threats that could plunge the state into chaos
and civil disorder on a never before seen scale.

2. Failing to develop NY natural gas resources
which would spur economic development, job
growth  and prosperity in Upstate  New York
the Hudson Valley and NYC not seen since the
building of the Erie Canal, in the early 1800's.

3. Supporting  Federally sponsored "Common
Core" educational policies and mandating
teacher evaluation standards based on related
tests of student performance.

Education is a local-state matter according
to the Constitution. Teacher evaluation is a
best conducted at the local level, by voters
in school districts.

4. Supporting illegal alien invasion of NYS
offering illegals sanctuary and rewards for
their law breaking  including his "Dream
Act" support which would commit taxpayer
dollars to pay for college education for

The illegal alien invasion amounts to 3
or more million in NYS  which burdens
state taxpayers to provide for added
costs of law enforcement, social services
health care and schools  as well as
adversely impacting poor citizens who
are looking for jobs, forced to compete
for social services and who are trying
to complete higher education.

The Good?

1. Governor Cuomo has belatedly focused
on the priority issue that overshadows all
others - security and public safety.  

However,  his support of illegal alien
sanctuary and dream act  policies makes
his public safety and security pledges
moot. Terrorists are among the illegals.

2. Governor Cuomo has continued efforts
to restore the Harriman State Office Campus
in Albany, as home to state agencies and
the state workforce rather than privatizing
the Harriman Campus.

This is good for state workers and the
residents of  Albany city neighborhoods.

However,  Governor Cuomo has failed
to pay up the $11.5 million annual PILOT
payments (payment in lieu of taxes) to
the City government to compensate
city taxpayers, and provide them with
real property tax relief, for State use
of the Harriman Office Campus land.

The Albany City Mayor, Common Council
and Albany County Executive/Legislature
have not demanded that the Governor and
State Legislature honor this state obligation.

Nor, have those in the State Senate, Assembly
and U S Congress, who purport to represent
the citizens of Albany, done so.

All of the above, grovel and tow the party line
when they should be demanding that the
Governor and Legislature pay up before
the November 4 election.

The Mayors 2015 city budget proposal
misses the mark entirely.  Honor this demand
or relegate Albany residents to economic

What is Rob Astorino's position on the
$11.5 million PILOT from the State to the
City of Albany?

The message is simple:

"No Harriman State Office Campus PILOT.
  No vote for reelection November 4!"

Government can not save us. We must save
ourselves, our loved ones and our government.

It is up to the voters to deliver on the above
demand on Election Day,  November 4.

I invite Albany City and County voters to
join me in sending that message, by voting
on the Conservative ballot line,  Row C
November 4.

As the City of Albany goes, so will go the
County. Pay attention county voters!

Where an incumbent, such as Neil Breslin
NYS Senate District 44 (Cities of Albany
Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet and Towns of
Colonie, Bethlehem ,Green Island)
is unopposed - cast a write in vote  for
a declared write in candidate - in this case
 write in (print) Joe Sullivan in the write in
space for NYS Senate District 44
Be sure to fill in the oval in the
write in space.

Control of the State Senate may come
down to one vote.

Leadership or Lemming like party line
voting ? The choice is yours.

November 4 send a loud, clear message
to the Governor and NYS Legislature-

No Harriman State Office Pilot - No vote!

In elections that may turn out to be
closely contested, the votes of the
44th State Senate District and County
of Albany voters may determine who
is elected, and who controls the State

Pass the word. Encourage a large
turnout of informed voters, November 4.

If nearly 90 percents of the Scots voted
in their recent election, can't Americans
be expected to match that turnout on
November 4?

                                    Joe Sullivan