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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The headline of this story is prophetic,
despite not having any plausible link
with what follows in the body of the

For regime, substitute Obama for Assad.
Substitute Chicago for Pretoria.

The Obama regime has destabilized the
entire Mid East: Egypt, Libya and now
Syria. Hillary is the face and folly of the
Obama regime's failed foreign policies.

Mistake number one: Hillary as
Secretary of State. No one with the
least bit of understanding of the
mindset of the Arab world would
send a female to do a man's work
in a male dominated culture, and
expect to have any success.

This is akin to having women
serve in combat or aboard men o war
at sea.

On the home front, the Obama regime's
failed domestic policies have brought
the U S to the brink of destruction.

So, here we have a main stream media
story about Hillary on Safari, and
a story headline that bears no apparent
relationship to the story.

Why?  What is the discerning reader
to conclude?

Could the desperate Obama regime
sensing that it will not survive the
November elections, be turning to
Hillary for VP as a last ditch move?

It will not work!  Hillary and Obama
have been a disaster on the world
stage, as well as on the home front.

The mainstream media, acting as
public relation flacks for this duo
have duped the American public.

Ordinary Democrats hold the
key to saving America , their
party , themselves and us.

Will they wise up? Will they
put America before blind party

(The current local Democratic
candidates for state senate and
assembly included)

If not, America will not

Begin by rejecting Obama, Hillary
and the party leadership/policies
that systematically destroyed the
America we have known and loved.

Nothing less than full, legal
citizen voter participation in the
13 September primaries and
November 6 General Election
will suffice.

                          Joe Sullivan

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