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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Our electric power grid is essential
to our way of life.

State Homeland Security is on the
ball to attempt to address the issue
of power grid vulnerability:

Earthquakes may pose a risk to the
power grid, but there are other real
and ,perhaps, more immediate concerns
relating to terrorism.

The Jihadists have brought their war
of terror to our land. The home front
is now the front line. They have sworn
to destroy us.

Our borders are wide open and they
are already among us - plotting and
waiting to strike.

The power grid can be shut down
indefinitely by a cyber attack or
by a high altitude nuclear explosion
delivered by a missle, or concealed
aboard a commercial airplane.

In the latter scenario, most vehicles
would be useless as well because
their computers would be down.

Imagine this occurring during a
bitter Northeast winter.

Government can't save us. We
must be prepared to save ourselves
and the government.

Individuals and households would
be wise to consider what can go
wrong in our way of life and what
we must do to prepare to survive
such events.

Begin here:

                            Joe Sullivan

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