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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Tonight,  local neighborhoods will be
holding  National Night Out events to
raise public awareness of the need for
the public to be involved in combating
growing crime in neighborhoods.

While admirable, the focus of National
is Night Out is too narrow.

Raise your sights to consider other
crimes that have a potentially greater
impact on our Constitutional rights
to pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

Q1 Why are our borders, in particular
the border with Mexico, not secured?

Q2 Why has the President circumvented
Congress and violated his Oath of Office
by means of multiple Executive Orders
such as the one granting blanket amnesty
to millions of illegal aliens? Dreamers?

Q3 Why is no action being taken by local
politicians, and officials, to safeguard our
electoral process, from being compromised
by illegals voting,  by students voting
twice:  locally,and again , in their home
communities, and why are so many other
fraudulent violations of the voting process
permitted to continue?

Q4  Why has the Albany Common Council
not rescinded Sanctuary City status for the
City of Albany, which they voted for 14-0
in 2009?

Q5  How many illegal aliens are working
locally and not paying taxes? How many
are attending schools supported by local
citizen taxpayers? How many are receiving
social services, health and other benefits?
How many are driving illegally, with no
licenses, no insurance? How many commit
crimes or are incarcerated?
    Why is the Albany County Legislature
not addressing these questions?

Q6 What about emergency/disaster
preparedness? Are political jurisdictions
ready? Are neighborhoods and households

Consider this commentary by the President
of Sage College:

Government can't save us. We must save
ourselves and the government.

We live in perilous times. In 2012 elections
our very survival as a Nation, and as citizens
are on the line.

Where there is no security, and the
Constitution is not upheld, there will be
no economy. Our way of life is on the line.

So, as you consume your ice cream tonight
pause to raise your sights on becoming
an informed voter in the 2012 elections.

This is no time for politics as usual with
complacency, apathy, indifference and
pure ignorance.

                                        Joe Sullivan

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