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Saturday, July 6, 2013



WAMC and the NY League of
Conservation Voters held a one
hour Albany Mayoral Forum on
July 2.

Listen in:

All candidates were invited.

A real public service and an
example of how the media
interest groups and candidates
can work toward campaign reform
without imposition of phoney
government legislation such as
"public financing of campaigns".

Thanks to WAMC, the NYLCV
and the mayoral candidates who

All that is left is for voters to
make the effort to become as
informed about the candidates
and where they stand on issues
vital to survival of the City of
Albany, the residents and our
Constitutional Republic - all of
which are at stake in the 2013
local elections and 2014 mid
term election for Congress and
state offices.

Only the voters, casting informed
votes can save our city, state
country, our government
themselves and their loved ones.

                       Joe Sullivan



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