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Saturday, July 27, 2013



Most Americans do not save.
They live paycheck to paycheck
if they have one.

More than 11 million workers
are without jobs.

Half those employed are part
time workers.

Those that have saved, and those
that are saving ,for retirement are
not earning the returns on their
savings to sustain their retirements:    

Those who depend on social services
social security and pensions have cause
for real concern.

How will they survive if these income
sources are reduced or disappear

Obama's tenure as President has been
a total disaster for the U S economy
our liberty, our security, and our foreign

Democrat has become synonymous
with Disaster.

Our fates at the local, state and national
levels will be determined by rank and
file enrolled Democrats.

If they vote the partyline, they and we
are doomed.

The survival of America hinges on
Democrats, rejecting Obama, his
policies and those incumbents or
candidates, who blindly follow Obama.

This includes a large number of
Republican  office holders, who are
Democratic camp followers in Congress
as well as atthe state and local levels.

If every eligible voter takes the
time to become informed, and
casts informed votes in the primary
and general elections of 2013 and
2014, we can, together, put America
First, before party, and put America
back on it's Constitutional course.

The survival of America, and the
survival of each and every American
hangs in the outcome of these elections.

                             Joe Sullivan

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