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Friday, July 19, 2013



The City of Detroit is bankrupt:

How can the City of Albany
avoid this fate?

1. Tap NY natural gas.

2. Tap the 765 kv Quebec
     to NYC hydro power line
     which will be constructed
     through Albany.

     Both of these actions will
     lower energy costs for
     homeowners, businesses
     manufacturers and farmers.

     More manufacturing, expanded
     agriculture/agricultural processing
     and transporation expansion will
     follow. More jobs.

3.  Build a refinery at the Port
     of Albany to refine Baakan
     crude oil currently being
     transshipped through the
     port by rail, tanker and barges
     to St John's, New Brunswick

     This will add to the city
     property tax base, provide
     jobs and lower gas prices
     and heating oil costs for the
     Capital District.

4.  Reverse the growth of a
     dependent population that
     is not sustainable.

     Engage residents of blighted
     neighborhoods in rebuilding
     those neighborhoods. Provide
     them with the education,training
     and skills as well as the tools
     to do so. This means overhaul
     of urban education curricula
     in the city schools.

     In the process they will learn
     the skills, attitudes and behaviors
     to become gainfully employed
     productive, responsible citizens.

     They can reclaim abandoned
     buildings, putting them back
     in use, thereby improving their
     lives, their neighborhoods and
     the city property tax base.

5. Reallocate the money and labor
    being wasted on the Hudson River
    PCB dredging to rebuilding the
    aging utility infrastructure of
    downtown to pave the way for
    residential and commercial rebirth
    of downtown.

6. Tear down the elevated 787
    highway maze before it is
    toppled by an earthquake or
    simply falls down.

    This will gain access to the
     Hudson River front. Build
     a Quincy type market,
     add residential development
     and restore river boats
     traffic between NYC and Albany
     to bring foreign tourists upriver.

     The Hudson River is the Rhine
     of America - but not utilized so.

These are but a few ways to
revitalize the City of Albany and
ensure a better life and future for

                          Joe Sullivan


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Daniel said...

This is indirect by I can't seem to get ahold of any contact information for you. Anyway; I'm with Occupy Albany and we're hosting a mayoral forum August 5th with all the declared candidates; I know it wouldn't be a complete event without you. The format is semi GA style with time limits; where everyone takes part in a discussion on the topics brought to the floor by the people of Albany; as well as yourselves. I can clarify more should you contact me; 518-396-6122; Thanks