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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


A number of Albany mayoral forums
have been held in the city excluding
myself Conservative candidate for
Albany Mayor, as well as others who
have made the ballot.

Not a problem. Voters can  read my
website, and eight years of my posts
on issues vital to the survival of America
The City of Albany and all inhabitants

Lonerangeralbany is read nationwide and
worldwide. My website is searchable by
topics  i.e. Learning/Education. All posts
related to those topics will appear in order.

I urge voters to focus on my website
archive from November 2012 to present
for posts more directly relating to the
City of Albany.

Here is a report on the most recent mayoral
forum held Monday July 29 in West Hills
neighborhood of the City.

Compare my website and positions on vital
issues impacting the City of Albany, with
issues statements on the websites of Ellis
and Sheehan.

Decide for yourselves who should be the
next Mayor of Albany.

You will find me on the November 5
General Election ballot - Conservative
Row C.

I ask for your votes for myself and my
running mates for Common Council
President (John Marsolais) and those
candidates running for Common Council
in Wards, 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10.
1. Scott Mannarino
2. Lester Freeman
3. Ron Bailey
6. Theresa Grafflin
7 Tim Carney
8. Jack Flynn
9. Robert Porter
10. Howard Yaeger

In the case of the Mayor's race
the Democratic primary allows
enrolled city Democrats to write
in the name of their preferred
candidate - other than Ellis or
Sheehan on September 10
Primary Day. Polls open Noon
to 9 PM.

I invite Albany City Democrats
to write (print) my name in the
appropriate write in box on the
ballot. Stay within the box borders
when you print my name:


Thank you.

                         Joe Sullivan


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