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Tuesday, July 23, 2013



The Democratic Party began a the
party of the common working man
and farmers in the days of Andy

The Democratic Party stood for
the Constitution and state's rights.

Wealthy Southern plantation owners
depended on slave labor to grow
cotton and tobacco. Poor white
farmers did not have slaves.

Lincoln, a Republican, declared
the slaves to be free in 1863 during
a bloody civil war. 

Many of my kin, fought for Lincoln
so that the slaves might be free.

Yet, today the descendants of those
slaves are not free.

They are enslaved by the Democratic
Party and the welfare state that party
has created.  They have exchanged the 
and tobacco plantation for the political

These native born Americans face a
real threat to their survival.

The Democratic Party, aided and abetted
by me- too Republicans, all of which are
more concerned with keeping their
political power - even if it means
trashing the Constitution and doing
grave injustice to the modern day
political slaves, who will be the most
severely impacted.

After all, there is only so much welfare
social services and free education to
go around, as it is.

Add 30 to 60 million or more, mostly
poor, illiterate, non- English speaking
illegal aliens to the U S Population
by means of the Amnesty legislation
being pushed by Obama, Senator
Chuckie, the Democats and the posse
of 8  Congressional gangbangers and
what happens?

No jobs. On to welfare.

The welfare, social services system
will collapse. Anarchy and the collapse
of our Nation will follow.

A second civil war. There will be no

So, those who are dependent upon the
Democratic Party  for their daily bread
housing,  schooling and medical care
and more, should long and hard before
voting Democrat (Row A) in the
City of Albany elections, this year; and
the 2014 congressional/state elections.

Our Liberty is on the line! Our survival!

                                Joe Sullivan

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