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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Five years of the incompetence
of this man and his camp followers
in the Democratic and Republican
parties is enough!

Repeal Obamacare. Secure the border.
Drill for oil and natural gas everywhere
it exists. Build pipelines and refineries.
Put Americans back to work paying
taxes to keep social security and
medicare solvent for this and future

Rebuild our Navy and merchant
fleet. Bring the troops home from
Afghanistan, now. Stay out of Syria.
Stop arming Jihadists and drug gangs.

Come clean on Benghazi. Reign in
the IRS. Health and Human Services
and your other federal agencies. No
more leftist appointments to the
Supreme Court.

Uphold the Constitution and your
oath of office,

Your domestic and foreign policies
are a failure. You are a complete
incompetent as Commander in Chief.
Egypt is exhibit A for you and Hillary.

Stop trying to fundamentally
transform (destroy) America.

Just shut and go away! Resign!
Take most of the Democrats and
Republicans in Congress with you.

Shame on the media for being
cheerleaders for such a bs artist.

Shame on those Democrats who
blindly follow Obama as he runs
America into the ground.

                           Joe Sullivan

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