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Saturday, July 6, 2013



July 4 we celebrated our Liberty.

In this case our independence
from the tyranny of the English

In 2013 our Liberty is once again
on the line. This time from the
tyranny of our own elected
representatives in our government
of government bureaucrats, of
the Courts and of a complicit
media. All of whom support and
advance the President's agenda
of fundamentally (radically)
transforming America.

A Second American Revolution
is required to restore our Constitutional
Republic and our Liberty.

The Second American Revolution
need not involve force or violence.

It can be achieved through the
electoral process bequeathed to us
by the Founders .

Beginning with the 2013 local
elections, continuing on to the 2014
mid-term elections for Congress
and state public offices, and culminating
with the 2016 Presidential election
We the People can restore our Liberty
and save our Constitutional Republic.

Vote out tyrants and elect persons
who put America First before blind
political party allegiance, and persons
who will uphold the Constitution
while serving as our representatves
not as our rulers. 

                                Joe Sullivan


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