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Monday, July 29, 2013



President Obama's agenda is to
"fundamentally (radically) transform
America - to a third world nation.


Obama, Congressional Democrats
their me-too Republicans in the Senate
and House, want to grant amnesty and
citizenship to another 30 to 60 million
illegal aliens- most of whom are
uneducated, illiterate, non-English
speaking, unskilled  persons - most of
whom will wind up on the welfare
rolls.  Some will compete with out of work
Americans for mostly low paying part
time work. Others will chose to engage
in gang and criminal activities.

Lawbreakers all. Illegals do not respect
US sovereignty or the rule of law.

Those Democratic office holders and
would be candidates, whom support
Obama and his policies, must be voted
out, or denied  re-election/election to
city/town and county offices in the
2013 September 10 party primaries
and November 5 General Election.

The same is true for the 2014 elections
for Congress, and NYS public offices.

Tip O'Neill said "all politics are local".
So they are. The City of Albany elections
this year, are not occurring in a vacuum.

What happens, or does not happen, in
Washington DC and  the Capital of Albany
directly impacts the City of Albany and
those who call Albany home.

Voters have the power to put the City
of Albany, back on a sound Constitutional
course- reversing the effects and policies
of the Obama agenda of fundamentally
(radically) transforming America.

1. Write in the names of Conservative
    Democrats whereever there is a
    Democratic primary for  Mayor 
    Common Council President or for 
    Member of Common Council in
    a ward.

     for Mayor, Common Council
     President and Common Council
     Members- November 5 General
     Election. Also, Family Court

                                   Joe Sullivan

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