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Friday, August 2, 2013


Media spin on the primary leads
voters to believe there are only
two  contenders - Sheehan
and Ellis- and that Sheehan has
a commanding lead according to
a YNN/Siena poll.

Albany Democratic primaries
are dominated by the leftist
"progressives" who have co-opted
control of the Democratic Party
which once stood for upholding
the Constitution and State's Rights.
That Democratic Party was also
the party of working class, ethnic
RC voters.

These Reagan Democrats tend
not to vote in primaries because
the Democratic Party does not
usually present candidates who
are more in tune with the views
of those Reagan Democrats.

The Democratic Party of today
is not the party of Dan O'Connell.

The Reagan-O'Connell  Democrats
still exist in sufficient numbers in
Albany and  could change the 
outcome of the
Democratic Primary for Albany
Mayor -if they come to the polls
September 10- Noon - 9 pm, or vote
absentee, and cast a write-in (print)
for Joseph P Sullivan for Mayor.

 Be sure to fill in the oval

Be sure to print and stay within
the borders of the write in box on
the ballot for Mayor, City of Albany.

Why Sullivan and not Sheehan or

Sullivan was an enrolled Democrat
first appointed committeman by
Dan O' Connell.  Sullivan was a
pal to Charlie Ryan, Dick Conners
Howard Nolan and many more
oldtimers. He has been active in
Albany politics for 38 years.
Sullivan was a bartender in Frank
Commisso's Madison Ave tavern.

Corey Ellis was  still in pull ups.
Kathy Sheehan and Patricia Fahy
toddlers living in Chicago- back then.

Sullivan has served as President of
the Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
Neighborhood Association for nearly
a third of a century - saving many
open spaces, defeating proposals to
build big box stores, fast food joints
an apartment tower, a third middle
school and conversion of Mercy Convent
to an office building-as well as many
other land use changes that would
have altered the residential integrity
and quality life in that neighborhood.

Sullivan has asked Mayor Jennings
to stay on as Mayor Emeritus in a
Sullivan administration. Jerry would
serve as liaison with  the Governor
and State Legislature, The City schools
and conduct all ceremonial functions
including continuance of his successful
Alive at Five concerts.

Mayor Emeritus Jennings would
continue to have a high profile in
the City he loves and he would be
free of all political constraints.

Sullivan has let it be known that
current city workers and their 
families can rest easy. The jobs
of city workers who perform their
jobs well, will be secure.

Sullivan puts America and Albany
before  political party allegiance.
Sullivan will honor his oath of
office to uphold the Constitution
especially the First, Second, Fourth
and Tenth Amendments.

His focus will be on keeping Albany
secure and safe; consolidating the
city schools with city government
with one property tax roll to support
both, returning Albany to a K-8
neighborhood school system; main-
taining/improving residential integrity
quality of life in neighborhoods; jobs
and property tax relief resulting from
advocacy of natural gas drilling
tapping hydro electric power from
the 765 KV line being built from
Quebec to NYC; a refinery at the
Port of Albany to refine Baakan oil
being transshipped via the port-
and much more:

Read clear positions on issues vital
to the survival of America, New York
Albany, and each of us- 

Read nationwide. Worldwide. Compare
with websites of Sheehan and Ellis.

Can a man become Mayor of Albany
with scarcely a mention in the local
media and not asking anyone for a

Will the Reagan Democrats vote
in the September 10 Democratic

Is Albany still a word of mouth town?

We shall know the answers to these
questions, and more, after the
September 10 Democratic Primary.

In any case, Sullivan is the
Conservative candidate for Mayor
of Albany in the November 5
General Election.

PASS THE WORD. Thank you.

                                  Joe Sullivan


1 comment:

N Lebron said...

Dear Mr. Sullivan:

The Hispanic Coalition of New York would like to invite you to a candidate forum for all candidates for Mayor of Albany.

As you are aware, the Hispanic population across the State of New York has grown according to the last census. The city of Albany has also experienced this growth. As constituents, the need for Hispanic issues to be addressed is crucial.

The event will be held at:
Albany Public Library Main Branch
161 Washington Avenue, Albany
Wednesday, August 28
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Thank you in advance for you consideration.

Nathán Lebrón
Chairman, Hispanic Coalition of New York