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Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Nuclear plants are not safe when
they sit astride geoglogic faults,
store spent rods and waste water
on site because there is no way
to safely dispose of these, and
when they are located in close
proximity to large urban places.

Think Indian Point on the Hudson
just North of the populous NY-NJ
Metro area.


No nuclear plant is safe in an age
of terrorism. Especially in the U.S.
where the President and Congress
have failed to secure our borders
and are poised to grant amnesty to
tens of millions of illegal aliens who
have invaded our land - among them
OTM's who are sworn to destroy us.

Failure of the President and Congress
to police and secure legal immigration
including student visas, visa overstays
and asylum seekers has put America
and all Americans at great risk.

The sanctuary policies of the City
of Albany, and State of New York
regarding illegal aliens are also
placing all residents at great risk.

Wise up before it is too late!

                             Joe Sullivan

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