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Monday, August 12, 2013


Today's TU article "Fiscal crisis in the cards
for Albany's next mayor" ought to read
"Fiscal crisis in the cards for Albany
 homeowners and small businesses"

Go to:

What should the Mayor and
Common Council do?

1. Consolidate city schools
    with city government, with
    one property tax roll to
    finance both. Return to a
    K-8 neighborhood school
    system. Make the Mayor
    and Common Council
    for city school operation
    and performance.

2. Demand that the state
   a) make annual in lieu
      of taxes payments to
      the City for the
      Harriman State Office

   b) assume  full responsibility
       for security and clean up
       for groups who come to
       Albany to lobby state
       legislators at the Capitol
       and LOB

   c) present true mandate
       relief for the city and
       city schools

   d) approve fracking for
       NY natural gas, Albany
       tapping into the 765 kv
       hydro power line to be
       built from Quebec to
       NYC, and support
       building a refinery at
       the Port of Albany to
       refine Baakan oil -
       these will lower energy
       costs, stimulate  local
       expansion of jobs in
       agriculture and
       transportation- which
       will increase Albany's
       property/sales tax base.

Sheehan and Ellis will go
begging to the Governor
and State Legislature.

What would Dan O'Connell

Candidates for Governor
State Legislature and Congress 
will have to deliver for Albany
if they expect to get the votes
and support of Albany residents
in the 2014 elections!

The next Mayor of Albany
needs to be independent-
standing up for the people-
not a partyline puppet or

The people of Albany have to
cast informed votes, in the
2013 Albany City Elections
that send this message to to
those who want our votes for
state and federal public offices
in 2014.

                       Joe Sullivan

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