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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Security and public safety are priority
issues in the Albany City contests for
Mayor, Common Council President and
15 ward Council Members.

Acts of terrorism are likely to increase
dramatically in the coming weeks and
months as recent unspecified  alerts

What should Albany City government
be doing to prepare for such events?

1. Identify possible terror targets. You
    can bet that those sworn to destroy
    us have already scoped out targets.

2. Increase security around those targets.

3. Fire houses, fire equipment and firefighters
    are  targets.  Designate firefighters as peace
    officers, arm them and train them in weapons
    use. Local courts should expedite issue of
    concealed carry pistol permits to active
    and retired firefighters subject to training
    in the use of pistols and small arms.

    This will provide firefighters with the ability
    to defend firehouses, equipment and 

    Firehouses and firefighters can play a back
    up role to aid the APD  in times of attack.

    Train neighborhood groups in firefighting
    and first aid. Consider establishing fire
    auxiliaries in neighborhoods consisting of
    retired firefighters and able bodied
    residents to back up AFD.

4. Police stations, policemen in cars and on
    foot are also targets. Secure all stations
    and vehicles. Train officers to anticipate
    and how to respond to terrorist acts.

    Consider forming neighborhood police
    auxiliaries consisting of retired  police
    and able bodied residents to back up the

5. Neighborhood residents should prepare
    to defend their homes and neighborhoods.

    Store water, food and fuel. Take small
    arms training using legal long gun- rifles
    and shotguns. Have sufficient ammo on

    Look around your neighborhoods. ID
    potential terror targets. Serve as the
    eyes/ears of the APD and AFD. Alert
    them to suspicious persons/actions.

6. Realize that government can't save you
    and your loved ones. You have to be
    prepared to save yourselves...and our

7. Pay particular attention to how to
    communicate with APD, AFD, as
    well as within and between neighborhoods
    in the likelihood that traditional means
    of communication will not be operable.

8. Anticipate and prepare to survive
    any natural or man made disasters or
    acts of terror that  may come our way
    in Albany.

Osama Bin Laden directed his followers
to hit small cities because they are soft

Albany is a symbolic as well as strategic
target for terrorists.

Those who engage in politics as usual
are not the best choices of voters to
lead the City in these perilous times.

                                       Joe Sullivan

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