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Thursday, August 22, 2013



Welfare is a better deal than
working for a living.

No skills required.

Your housing is subsidized by
the Section 8 program, leaving
you with more income than a
retired senior citizen who lives
Uptown in a single family home
paying twice the property taxes
of a comparable home in a
blighted downtown neigborhood
with a higher crime rate.

More often than not you don't
own a home - you rent.

That Uptown senior pays a huge
school property tax so that your
kids can go to school free.

If your many children are learning
disabled and/or exhibit behavioral
problems,  you are rewarded by
SSI  (crazy money) monthly payments
of 600 dollars a head. These payments
are over and above  your total welfare
monthly income.

Your EBT cards do not restrict you
to buying only certain staple foods.

If you are so inclined, you can get
cash from your hood convenience

You can get food from local food
pantries, churches, etc.

Medicaid provides health care at
no cost to you. No copays.

That Uptown senior pays a monthly
medicare insurance premium, copays
and significant medical costs, if not
insured by a private insurance plan
with hefty montly premiums.

It doesn't pay to go to work. You
have no skills, no work ethic.

You and your kids do not value
learning (education).

The city schools become  costly
daycare (and soon nightcare) facilities
and feeding stations.

Who cares if the kids don't learn
or have a drop out rate of 50 percent?

They have a career path. The next
generation on welfare.

Beware. This gravy train is not
sustainable. As your demographic
grows and as tens of millions of illegal
aliens are granted amnesty, and as
legal unskilled immigrants are allowed
to flood the city and country - the
welfare mecca will collapse. There
will be more people on welfare than
people to support the system.


                                 Joe Sullivan

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