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Monday, August 19, 2013

 Albany has been reduced to a
city of beggars because the
party line votes of Albany
Democratic voters are taken for
granted by state and local
Democratic Party public office
holders and those
who want to be elected, or
re-elected, in 2013 local and
2014  congressional/state elections. 

Editorial: Stop making Albany beg - Times Union

Keep the Harriman State Office
campus as the home of state workers.

This will relieve heavy traffic flows
through city residential neighborhoods
thereby improving the residential
integrity and quality of life in those
neighborhoods traversed by Western
Washington, Delaware, New Scotland
Avenues,  South Manning Blvd and
Whitehall Road.

No tax free scams for the State Office

The state should, without delay, justly
compensate the City of Albany, and
the people of Albany, by making proper
in lieu of taxes payments to the City
annually, for the Harriman State Office

Albany Democrats can send this
message loud and clear in the
September 10 Democratic Primary.

Write in (print) Joseph P. Sullivan
for Mayor

                      Joseph P Sullivan

                      candidate for Mayor
                      Row C  in the
                      Nov 5 General Election

                              Joseph P Sullivan  

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