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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Read Brian Nearing's excellent report in today's TU:

Closing Thacher Park would save $225,000?

That is less than the cost of Governor Paterson's
campaign announcement swing, LI to Rochester
and Harlem, this weekend.

Less than salaries and benefits for 2 aides on his
staff, for one year.

Less than salaries/benefits for two of the four
Assembly Members who purport to represent
Albany County, for one year.

Less than the salary and staff allotment for
a state senator SD 46 (Albany County), for one

Far less than the 2 million dollar grant that
Congressman Paul Tonko recently delivered
to Siena College for Penquin study in Anarctica.

Far less than the annual social services budget
for Albany County.

Far less than the $240,000 SSI (Crazy Money)
payments to 40 Albany City School pupils,
for one year. (The parent(s)/guardian(s) get
the money)

Closing Thacher and other parks amounts to
punishing citizens for the sins of those who
purport to represent us in state government.

The human physical , mental health and
environmental costs of closing Thacher far
outweigh the meagre $225,000 alleged savings.

A word to self-appointed spokes persons for
Thacher Park who appear in and on local media.
Don't be so whimpy and quick to appease politicians.

We are not their serfs!

Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan

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