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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Tea Party Patriots protested at WROW
yesterday, but to no avail. GM Chuck
Benfer ( self described Republican)
doesn't get it. Tea Party Patriots are
neither Republican nor Democrat.

Tea Party Patriots put America First
before any political party.

We realize that political parties are
nothing more than ballot lines that
have, until 2010, been controlled by
narrow special interest groups who
cling together for personal gain and
advancement of their special interest

Political parties no longer control us
nor do they dictate to us regarding
who shall be candidates for public
office, nor do political parties prescribe
the positions that candidates take
with regard to the priority issues
facing the people at the national
state and local levels.

Benfer has no credibility. No smarts.
Time for him to move on!

Thanks to the Tea Party Patriots who
attended the protest and the local media
who covered the protest.

You drew considerable media
attention from other local outlets
who realize the threat that team
Obama poses to our First Amendent

WGY 810 AM Talk Radio and Talk
1300 are at risk. So are the internet
and bloggers.

You, they and the local tv, radio
and print media spread the word.
The public is now aware!

Forget about WROW and Benfer.
They have fallen by the wayside.

Next mission? Save our local parks
and historic sites from closing by
the Governor and state legislature.
See post below.

Joe Sullivan

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