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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thank you Chuck Custer and WGY.

WGY is a power house of national
talk radio.

However, local residents have lost
a valuable forum for airing their views.


Al Roney not only did a good job for
you, he did a good job for the people
of this region.

For example, Al was out front in
the effort to save Thacher Park.

When WROW changed format
Tea Party Patriots moved over to
Al's show.

Find a place for Al so that WGY
continues to offer a talk radio forum
focusing on local politics and issues
providing ordinary people with the
opportunity to participate.

As far as local talk radio goes, the
score is two down and one to go.

Local politics is more than a spectator
sport in the Capitol District, it is
essential to our survival.

As the Late, Great Tip O'Neill once
said "all politics are local."

Perhaps, WDGJ Talk 1300 will
fill this need by picking up hosts
likes Steve and Jackie , Al Roney
and Susan Arbetter because WDGJ
under Paul Vandenburgh's leadership
has a decidedly local focus.

Paul has, himself, Fred Dicker and
Dan Lynch as mainstays, but has room
for more local talk radio programming
with a local politics focus.

Kelly Stevens and Melody Burns have
several hours of showtime each week
focusing on local issues. Both are
fine hostesses who should have more
air time.

In that case, WGY with a national
talk show focus, and WDGJ with
a local focus complement one
another, offering local voters the
opportunity to become informed
voters with regard to national
state and local politics.

Joe Sullivan

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