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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am delighted to report that this blog
is being read widely around New York
State, The United States, Canada, Europe
Russia, The Middle East, Africa and
South America.

Now, if only we can get it more widely
read in the 21st Congressional District
of New York, we can pull off a suprise
in the November 2 General Election.

Send the link to Lonerangeralbany to
10 others in the 21st CD. Ask them to
do the same, and keep the word going.

Share what you read here with all whom
you know,  particularly those not
connected to the internet, and ask them
to do the same.

Together, we can defeat the Obama-Pelosi
Tonko agenda of radically transforming

Right on! Write (print) me in November 2
as your Representative in Congress, 21st
Congressional District, New York.

First order of business: vote out Pelosi as
House Speaker. Next, Impeach Obama
before he can do more harm to America.

Secure our borders and ports.

End all trade, tourism with Mexico and
embargo any transfers of money from
the U S , by banks and individuals, until
the Mexican government puts an end to
the drug cartels, drug trade and illegal
immigration from the Mexican side of
the border.

Deport the illegal aliens incarcerated
in U S prisons and jails, which amount
to a third or more of the U S prison

No amnesty, jobs or benefits for the  tens of
millions of  illegal aliens who have invaded
or land.

Declare all terrorists, foreign and domestic
to be enemy combatants. No civil trials. Try
them in military tribunals.

Repeal, or do not fund, Obamacare.
Obamacare is bad medicine.

Extend the so called "Bush Tax cuts" which
have benefitted all Americans who pay taxes.

Conduct a thorough review of the billions
of dollars in foreign aid. End all but what
is essential for our national security purposes.
Reallocate funds to benefit our own Nation
and citizens.

Import more hydropower from Canada.
Develop America's vast coal reserves and
clean coal technology, while safely tapping
domestic natural gas and oil resources.

We must prepare now for the day when
oil is too scarce and expensive, and eventually
not available at any price.

In the 21st Congressional District, expand
local agriculture to produce food for the
Capital District, as well as for processing
and export.

Restore our regional manufacturing base
including food processing, transportation
equipment and machinery and consumer

Rebuild and expand our conventional
rail network, including light rail to
connect urban places with suburbs and
rural areas, and restore trolley systems
in urban places.

Restore the Erie Canal and Hudson
River waterways to move heavy freight.

End the Hudson River PCB dredging
boondoggle and reallocate the money and
jobs to rebuilding the aging water-sewer
systems in Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet
Waterford, Rensselaer, Albany  and

Finally, if you want campaign reform
and  term  limits.......
I am your man.

Right on! Vote Tonko out! Write me
in November 2nd.   Pass the Word.

Thank you.

                                      Joe Sullivan

                                      write in candidate
                                      Representative in
                                      Congress, 21 CD NY