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Sunday, August 15, 2010



To vote the incumbents out - you can
now write-in qualified citizen candidates
who have a clear message and specific
stated positions on issues vital the the
survival of America and all Americans.

This information is posted on the
candidate websites.

My campaign is unique in that I am
relying on the internet to post my
message, and issue positions...and
I am relying on you to pass the word
to all that you know.

Send them the link to my website:

or download it and share it with those
not connected to the internet

or simply talk with them and ask them
to vote for me, explain why, and how.

I am asking no one for money. I will not
beseige you with  expensive media ads
litter your doorsteps with literature or
litter the landscape of the  21st Congressional
District with lawn signs, billboards etc.

If you want to elect a genuine, independent
citizen Representative in Congress from the
21st Congressional District - it will be up
to you. You will have to do more than simply
vote in the September 14 party primaries
and November 2 General Election.

You will have to make the effort to inform
yourself and actively participate in the
elections by utilizing the internet as well
as the more traditional methods of word
of mouth.

Local and national talk radio afford you
a superb way to become informed, as well
as  participate in campaign 2010.

My campaign is your campaign. When
you vote for me, you are voting for what
I stand for -

*opposition to the Obama-Pelosi-Tonko
agenda of radically transforming America

* putting  America First over political party

and most, if not all, of the clear positions I
have posted on Lonerangeralbany pertaining
to the issues vital to the survival of America
and each of us.

I am doing my part. I challenge you to do

Thank you.

                                 Joe Sullivan

                                 Independent Write in
                                 Candidate for
                                 Representative in
                                 Congress, 21 CD NY

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好文不寂寞~支持!!!!@@a 搞錯了,這不是論壇推文 XDDD............................................................