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Monday, August 9, 2010


What Commander in Chief sets specific
withdrawal dates for leaving the field of

This foolhardy policy,  is getting more
U S and, allied troops, killed as well
as Afghan civilians, and  precludes
any chances of the U S prevailing in



Add to this rules of engagement that put
the lives of our troops at risk and billions
of dollars spent trying to buy the loyalties
of Afghans.

Sure they will take the money with one
hand while cooperating with the Taliban
with the other.

Time to shape up or ship out in Afghanistan!

Better to bring the troops home to the U S-
Mexican border, secure that border,  defeat
the drug cartels and halt the invasion of our
country by tens of millions of illegal aliens
among them OTM's that are sworn to destroy

What President and what Congress applauds
and bows to a tin horn Mexican leader who
comes as a guest and insults America, and all
Americans, in our Nation's Capitol?

Get tough with Mexico. End all trade. No U S
tourism to Mexico. Embargo all export of
money to Mexico by banks and the  tens of
millions of illegals, living here, and sending
U S dollars there.

Force the Mexican government to end the
drug trade and tide of illegal imigration
from their side of the border.

The Mexicans know President Obama is
no Gringo - he is an appeaser who bows to
every tyrant he meets.

Certainly, NOT worthy of being Commander
In Chief in this time of peril for America.

Where are the  Members of Club Congress?
Who among them will step up to lead the
charge to Impeach Obama? Paul Tonko?

Where is Paul Tonko, when he is not in
Albany, boasting to misguided Peace activists
that he voted against increased funding for
our troops in Afghanistan?

Everyone desires Peace, but not at any price.
Not by appeasing your foes. Not by selling
out ,and contributing to the demise of, America
and all Americans.

We have not the likes of Black Jack Pershing
Patton and MacArthur when we need them

                                                 Joe Sullivan