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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Incumbent Paul Tonko (D-I-WFP) has
3  ballot lines and the wrong message.
Tonko is a rubber stamp for the Obama-
Pelosi agenda to radically transform

Challenger Ted Danz (R-C) has 2 ballot
lines but is a weak candidate with no
message. His paid supporters were
recently standing at  the intersection
of Rte 155 and Western Ave waving his
signs to passing traffic. No one honked
in support.   Why should they?

Family Tonko-Danz are both party hacks.

I can't wait until there are some debates
between Tonko and Danz. Tonko will talk
circles around the hapless, clueless Danz.

But ,Tonko will go easy on Danz, because
he is the straw GOP candidate chosen to
take the count in the November 2 General
Election giving Tonko a sure path to a
second term.

There is a third option for Representative
in Congress, 21 CD NY -  my write in

Write in - Joe Sullivan for Representative
in Congress, 21st CD.

Local media and debate sponsors will not
mention my name, or my very substantive
blog or include me in any debates, because
I have no ballot line.

Additionally, I am not asking anyone for
money , so the local media won't get any
infusion of cash from me for mindless ads.

The irony is that I am the strongest
candidate with the clearest message, who
puts the futures of America, and all
Americans before political party.

Campaign reform? Term limits?  I am
these things, and more.

My campaign is your campaign. It is
up to the citizen voters to pass the word.

This is America and a write in successful
write in campaign can happen where the
candidate has a message that is right for
the time.

This is the situation in the 21st Congresssional
District of New York.

Pass the word to all you know.

Learn how to do a write in on your November
2 ballots. Then, do it!

Thank you.

                                     Joe Sullivan

                                     Write in candidate
                                     Congress 21 CD NY


1 comment:

Steve said...

Watch the Tonko-Danz debate tonight?
What a joke. Tonko has diarrhea of the mouth and Danz is a clueless buffoon. Fresh face, new ideas Ted?
You look and talk like you're a hundred years old.