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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Thanks to readers around the world
including: London, Paris, Moscow,
Torino, Dublin and Cork; Riyadh
Jiddah, Gabarone, Mumbai, New
Delhi, and many other places.

Thanks to readers in the USA
Long Island, NYC, Hudson Valley
The Capitol District, Syracuse,
Rochester, Buffalo and Jamestown.

Readers are picking up in Schoharie
The Mohawk Valley, Schenectady
Albany City and County. Troy and
East Greenbush.

Please pass the word and link to
this blog to all you know who live
and vote in the 21st Congressional
District - all of the counties of
Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery
and Schoharie; the cities of Johnstown
and Gloversville, and Town of
Johnstown in Fulton County;
Waterford in Saratoga County; the
cities of Troy and Rensselaer amd
Towns of North Greenbush. East
Greenbush and Schodack in
Rensselaer County.

There are more than a half million
voters in the 21 CD, less than 300,000
generally vote.

This election  is vital to the survival
of America, and the survival of each
of us, and our loved ones.

The people must take back Congress
this year to derail the Obama agenda
of radically transforming America
and preventing him and his lackeys
in Congress (Tonko and Murphy
and the others in Congress, who
are Obama compliant) from
circumventing the Constitution
and destroying our American economy
and  our way of life.

Security is the priority. Our borders
must be secured. No amnesty for illegal
aliens who have invaded our land. No
cap and trade. No unilateral disarmament.
No bowing to our foes; no applauding tin
horn presidentes who insult American
and all Americans.

Repeal Obamacare which is bad medicine.
Extend the so called "Bush" tax cuts which
benefit all Americans who pay taxes. 
No value added (VAT) tax.

Restore social security COLA's for seniors
and suspend the minimum required IRA
distributions for seniors.

End all foreign aid, except where vital
to our national security interests: reallocate 
the billions of dollars to rebuild and expand
our conventional railroad networks and
develop use of our vast coal reserves
employing clean coal technology.

Restore our Constitutional form of
government, including a Congress that
is not a rubber stamp for a President
gone wild, and a Judiciary that interprets
laws made by Congress, rather than
legislating from the bench.

Vote out Tonko, Murphy and the other
Obama followers. Impeach Obama  and
remove him from office, before he does
irreparable harm to America.

Put America First before blind
allegiance to any political party.

Uphold the Constitution , particularly
the First, Second and Tenth Amendments.

Cast informed votes November 2
as if your lives depend on so doing-
because they do!

Pass the word - write in  Joe Sullivan
for Representative in Congress, 21 CD NY
Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

Thank you.

                                        Joe Sullivan

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