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Sunday, August 15, 2010


The 21st CD contains all of 4 counties
and parts of 3 others.

All of Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery
and Schoharie Counties.

The Cities of Johnstown and Gloversville
plus Town of Johnstown in Fulton County.

Waterford in Saratoga County.

Cities of Troy and Rensselaer, Towns of
North Greenbush, East Greenbush and
Schodack in Rensselaer County.

To find out which type of voting machine
will be used in your county, click on -

Albany and Schenectady Counties will
be using the same type voting systems:
ES&S DS200 Digital Image Scanner.

Here you can download step by step pdf
instructions or attend public demonstrations
on optical voting system use at local libraries.
(These instructions apply to both Albany
and Schenectady County polling places)

At the bottom of the box for Representative
in Congress, 21st CD, you do as write in
for me as follows:
1. darken the write in oval using the marking
device given to you by the poll inspectors.

2. write-in  (print) my name on the line to
the right of the write-in oval.

 _Joe Sullivan_

Thank you! When you do a write-in vote
for me, you are sending a message that
you agree with, and support, most of the
positions I have taken on issues vital to
the survival of America, and all Americans
as presented on my website:

and you reject the Obama-Pelosi-Tonko
agenda of radically transforming America.

Those voters residing in the remaining
parts of the 21st CD will all be voting on
the Sequoia-Dominion voting system -

Here is how to do a write in vote for me for
Representative in Congress, 21st CD on the
Sequoia voting system- click on:

Informed voters will check with their
county elections boards to find out where
and when they can learn  how to use the
voting systems in their respective counties
and, in particular,
how to successfully do a write in vote
for me, in the 21st CD contest.

You can expect much confusion, long
lines and waits, as unprepared voters
confront unfamiliar voting systems at
their local polling places.

A word to the wise - be prepared.

Thank you.

                   Joe Sullivan

                  Independent Write in
                  for Representative in
                  Congress, 21st CD

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